Monday, March 22, 2010

Call AG Corbett Now!

Call Attorney General Tom Corbett and tell him you demand Pennsylvania file a lawsuit against the government take-over of healthcare. 1 717-787-3391. You can also voice your concerns at

They've been getting calls all morning over this. The girl I spoke to sounded exhausted! Don't let up. Let Corbett know if he wants to be our next governor, exhibit some testicular fortitude and file the lawsuit!

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A. Wehrman said...

We attended a Latin Mass for about 7 years, when we could afford it. We had to drive more than 50 miles each way... and being low-income, the gas cost was very high for us.

My falling-out with that church came over the issue of health care. The secretary of that church opposed health care vehemently and so did many others.

This pretty much broke my heart. You see, I need health care desperately. And I cannot afford it.

Right before I lost my job with health-care benefits two years ago, I got an MRI of my brain. This uncovered cysts/tumors/growths on the side of my face (parotid glands) and apparently, inside my skull too, but they are small. -- Two years ago.

I still work. But I don't have health insurance.

Can't afford to get the "growths" diagnosed. Can't afford treatment even if they were.

And my dearly beloved "Christian" friends oppose health care for me and millions like me.

When I saw similar sentiments on a Christian forum online, it was like the mortal blow which slowly destroyed my faith.

If you were followers of Christ, or of any compassionate God, you would not oppose health care for working people like me....

Clerks, mechanics, etc -- there are MANY people with LOW PAYING jobs, but they are HARD WORKING.

70% of uninsured Americans are in a household whose head works full time; another 10%, the head works part time; others are unemployed but seeking employment, or variously disabled who have "fallen through the cracks" of the system.

We are not on welfare. The people on welfare have insurance called Medicaid.

We are working people -- small business owners or employees. We are the people who ring up your purchases at Dollar General or the convenience store. We wash your car. We serve your food at your table at your favorite restaurant.

And you cold hearted people, who call yourselves Christian, would let us die from cancer.

Hence I reject you all, and I reject what you stand for. Thank you for reminding me of the reasons I left the selfish religion of "Christ-ianity."