Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Nice, Normal Couple.

The Protestants over at the "National Catholic Reporter" have run a VERY sympathetic story on the Lesbians in the middle of the school controversy in Boulder Colorado. I am glad to see a story which sheds some light on the topic, but NCR's attempt to make the lesbian's lifestyle and homespun values seem like an episode of The Walton's goes too far. They attempt to cloud the moral issues with the "niceness" of the lesbians, and spackle over their sins with" normalcy".

I'm not wasting my space here to repost any of it. If you want to read it, the link is above.

According to the article, these lesbian women are "practicing Catholics" who attend Mass every weekend. Great. Has their pastor ever spoken to them about their sinful ways, or are they just welcomed and embraced? Newchurch seems to be doing a great job in welcoming sinners, but not so much when it comes to saving their souls.

My biggest problem with this situation is that the Church (big surprise) is not consistent with how she administers Church teaching. Single moms, divorced and civilly re-married couples, people using birth control, they should all be dealt with for not following Church teaching by being denied the Eucharist, but I doubt they ever will. In today's permissive society can you imagine the backlash if the Church did such a thing? The liberal media have branded Catholics as haters and bigots to begin with.

Plus the other reason the Church in its present state will not do this, is because of the money they will lose. How often do you hear a sermon on the money woes of the parish? I once spoke with a pastor about the terrible altar girls who were inattentive during Mass, had no idea what came next, or who were habitually late or failed to show up at all. When I asked him why he didn't have classes to teach them properly, or boot them altogether, money was the reason. He didn't want the parents to get mad and stop giving. If Newchurch pastors refuse to do anything about lackadaisical Altar Girls, what makes anyone think they will do anything substantive about sinners?

Societal norms rule the day, instead of the Laws of Almighty God.

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