Sunday, March 28, 2010

Catholic Mass? Or Catholic Mess?

Judas Priest!

That's my new exclamation of surprise, it supplants the blasphemous one I used to use before returning to the Church a few years ago.

"Cardinal" Roger Mahony and his Archdiocese of Los Angeles holds a yearly heretical "Education Congress" where they try to indoctrinate Catholic educators into their modernist teaching.

This travesty you are about to watch is the closing "liturgy" from their "education congress".

If you can't stomach this video, at least wait for Deacon "Twinkle Toes" to emerge around 6 minutes in. He is worth the price of admission.

That last Bishop doesn't look real to me. I think he's a fake. His vestments look like they came from a high school play.

Does anyone else feel dirty?

Thanks to Saint Mary's of Dorrance Parishioner for causing me to lose my roast beef and taters....


Anonymous said...

It seems the celebrants are worshipping themselves, because they are conducting themselves in such a manner as to draw attention there, and not to the Lord.
The combos make my skin crawl. I enjoy that music on a contemporary Christian radio station. Not for a Mass though.

Petrock said...

LA rocks too (along with rockin' traddy, of course). What a refreshing and exuberant expression of Deacon Johnson (no name-calling, please) sways as he carries the Gospel...instead of making snide remarks, why not share in his joy and think of how David danced before the Ark...Don't get me wrong, I love the Tridentine has its place, it is theatrical in its own way, just as this is theatrical (remember the ecclesiastical fashion show in Fellini's "Roma"?). Let's not forget that "pre-Trent traddies" criticized the Tridentine Mass because it was different from what they were used to in the pre-Reformation church. It is so refreshing to see people bringing their heart and soul into worship as they are doing here in LA. This is the exciting thing about the Catholic faith: how it is shared and re-presented in every age and culture. Today's generations have a different style than that of our grandparents. Let's be welcoming of people who have different ways of expressing "unam sanctam catholicam, et apostolicam ecclesiam."

Anonymous said...

I couldn't even make out what I was seeing lol. Some of those priests looked like they felt foolish, or maybe I was just projecting my own thoughts. The women in the beginning with the pots looked like they were trying not to laugh, too.

- L

Anonymous said...

Petrock said what...???.... My head hurts from that comment. First of all the "faith" that is being celebrated in this video is not the Catholic Faith period. This truly is sickening to see on so many levels. I guess the biggies are 1)acting like Pentecostals (who are heretics) and tend to be anti Catholic just because they are good at drawing big numbers of Spanish speaking Catholics into the false Religion of Pentecostalism is stupid stupid stupid! Catholics need to be more Catholic not less so to win the souls back to Christ and the one true Church. The over use of women in this Liturgical abomination was clearly political and stupid. That is right I said abomination! Let me say it again abomination abomination abomination. Satan loves the pride of these fools who won't follow the rubrics. Those wicked followers of Satan who think they know better that Holy Mother Church! Let them be Anathema!!!!!!!!!!!!! One good thing I can say is that the women processing in like witches or those women that looked to be offering incense to a pagan goddess as they floated in is that they were dressed modestly. Yes very modest witches. Now that wasn't nice. No it wasn't and neither is this Satanic Liturgical "look at me" protestant service. The over use of glass during the consecration is a slap in the face to the Holy Father. The church has said clearly that glass is not to be used for the blood of the lord. And in open disobedience they use it. Multiculturalism as it is being pushed in the modern world is demonic it comes from Communism and will lead to the Anti Christ. How? Multiculturalism mixes all the good God given cultures into one Satanic one. Twisting them until they are watered down and weak which allows the World and Satan to mold the peoples of the world into minions of the Anti Christ. If you want Multiculturalism be an orthodox Catholic! Go to the Latin Mass. Latin unites in Christ! The fools who follows leaders like this will end up at the service of Lucifer. Go ahead and laugh you good Communist heretics. Go ahead and tell me I am over the top. Think people my goodness think! You praise this wickedness? How could you? Our lord weeps! For those of you who have had more than you can take of this evil nightmare don't lose hope Our Lord and Our Lady will one day make it better. Hell is real people let's not go ok! And to the dancing deacon that was worth the price of admission. What a sad thing to see. Pray the rosary! St. Michael Pray for us!

Anonymous said...

PLEASE tell me Petrock is not a priest...and Pio is!!!


Anonymous said...

Petrock compares David dancing before the ark to being in our Lord's true presence through His Body and Blood, and others, in like-minded thought have defended standing at Holy Communion in order to "stand and greet my Lord with joy". I prefer to continue to kneel in humility before my Lord and God and pray that He may come to me although I be unworthy. The CATHOLIC faith does indeed cross time, gender, and cultures - it is UNIVERSAL, true, and timeless. When priests/laity change the rubrics of the Mass to express their individuality, that is truly when we are no longer "one", united in the same faith. According to Vatican II,"there must be no innovations unless the good of the Church genuinely and certainly requires them, and care must be taken that any new forms adopted should in some way grow organically from forms already existing" (Sacrosanctum concilium 23). This "Liturgical abomination", labeled appropriately by Pio, clearly violates this as well as the true goal of reverence and unity in worship.

Anonymous said...

The liturgical dancers carrying the pots of incense along with the dancing deacon were bad enough, but they only scratch the surface of the liturgical abuses that were going on here. Did anyone notice that most of the liturgical ministers, i.e. lectors, server, etc, were all female. I have to admit that I was particularly disgusted by the female masters or should I say mistresses of ceremony.

Dymphna said...

WTH is this? This can't be a Mass, this can't be a Mass!

BGrace said...

What a travesty!