Sunday, March 7, 2010

Latin Alert!

I went over to Saint Aloysius in Wilkes-Barre this morning to see what was going on.

The assistant pastor inadvertently used some Latin when he said "Mysterium Fidei" instead of "Let us proclaim the mystery of faith."

Also, the congregation was prompted to sing the "Agnus Dei" instead of the "Lamb of God".

Despite these odd and rarely seen additions to the New Mass, the parishioners never seemed distraught, nor did they seem to not know what was going on.

And I would like to also report, no Catholics were harmed during the Latin utterings.

Go figure.


Anonymous said...

I saw the same thing At St. Mary's Immaculate Conception in Wilkes Barre at the start of Lent. Monsignor Banick is the Priest. It was awesome most of the people that go to the daily Mass there are over 60 so the Agnus Dei filled the Church with a power not normally heard. That was the good news. The bad news is I put out Catholic literature out the next day about Hell and modesty in dress which was removed by someone sad very sad. My sister in law spent alot of money on the tracts and I would say 70% of the stuff was censored nothing was anti Vatican 2 just Purgatory ect. Maybe it has something to do with the Freemason who parks right in front of the church with the Freemasonic logo on his car for Sunday 7:00 pa Mass At St. Marys in Wilkes Barre also he is the laymen who often carries the book of the Gospel and does the first two readings yup a Freemason! So back to St. Michael's I go. The tossed out Catholic stuff was a real let down but the Latin was a real grace. Get rid of the Freemasonry and the Modernism and maybe we can have the Latin Mass in Wilkes Barre. Until then off to St. Michael's it is!

Anonymous said...

I always thought Father Andy would be particularly well-suited for presiding over a Latin mass - his respect for Tradition and all attendant details are stellar, bar none. I'd love to see a Latin Mass said regularly in St. Al's. I understand it was the assistant pastor - good for him - we'll take the crumbs 'ere the feast. Lenten sacrifices bearing up and bearing fruit. Fasting this year. Good to "see" you, Traddy!

Anonymous said...

To the first poster: You may never put any literature in any church without the pastor's permission. It clutters the church, but more importantly, the church requires the pastor to approve anything placed.

Answer for you

The Rockin' Traddy said...

Answer, You said "You may never put any literature in any church without the pastor's permission".

Where did you get that?

I'm more inclined to believe the pastor removed it due to the subject matter. Teenage girls with their boobs hanging out at Mass is certainly fine and dandy in most parishes, it seems. No one knows what modesty is nowadays, and the occasion of sin it is for others. Custody of the eyes is one thing, but lets not go to visit our Lord dressed like a tramp if we can help it, ok?