Friday, March 6, 2009

The Dow is Doing His Dirty Work

Now that the Dow Jones has dropped below 7000 for the first time since 1997 it would seem to me that it is time for the man sitting in the oval office to recognize that investors do NOT like the bailout, the stimulus package or his projected budget and neither do the American people. Of course I really don’t think he cares. Barack Obama hopes he can crash the entire economy and then rebuild it in an image that reflects his leftist, nanny-state, Marxist, Pol Pot type of “work for uncle” agenda.

Seems to me after the dow dropping from a high of 14,000 under Bush to now under 7,000, with a 30% drop since Obama was elected, it is high time for the American people to sit up, take notice, start supporting tax tea parties and sovereignty now agendas before the Marxist-in-chief takes every single state budget, charity institution, bank, oil company, church, small business and individual down with him.

In the past few months Obama has done nothing to level the playing field. But what he has done and continues to do is to crash the economy, put investors and business owners in the poor house, redistribute their wealth and more.

Mark my words, if we continue down this path, he will eventually do away with the education system as it now exists, people will begin to disappear, and eventually everyone will be working in a field wearing black pajamas, and red and white scarves. Sound familiar? It should and it should scare the hell out of people because within less than 12 months, with his Marxist agenda in hand, it could easily become reality.

Face it, even if it was not his intention, the path he is on is ruining the economy and centralizing all the control over our financial systems from Main Street businesses and Wall Street corporations to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, now to be forever known as the “Dow Drop Inn.”

Think on this: if the economy were to crash, how could the Obama administration use the census records combined with the HR 45 gun legislation he wants to have passed which requires outlandish unconstitutional gun regulations upon gun owners of America?

Think of the possibilities....

Am I a conspiracy theorist?


But if Obama eventually issues an executive order or has legislation passed ordering his concept of a “civilian military police force” to be implemented after all that is taking place with the economy… don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Lock n load!

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