Friday, March 6, 2009

Support MahaRushie!

Is anyone following the Dems attacking Rush Limbaugh this past week?

It's pretty funny to me that this "president"we have is taking so much time to have his people go after El Rushbo. Of course, no liberal radio or tv personality has Rush's impact, but did G.W. Bush ever send his press secretary to go out and attack, I don't know, Chris Matthews or Keith Olberman?

No. Of course not.

Even crazier now is that the DNC wants to put up a billboard so Rush can see it. A message from the "American People" showing their outrage that Rush wants Obongo to fail. They want a ten word submission.

Here's mine.

"Way to go Rush! Keep up the good work!"

I even left them some room for a picture.

Go here to submit your own pro Rush Statement! I did. Be cool like me!

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