Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Possible harsh language alert.

I promised to put up a warning if I felt a bad word coming on. Read on to see if I needed it.

So here's the deal:

Tom Gallagher writes for the ultra lefty National Catholic Reporter. How lefty are they you ask? Well, "Sister" Joan "why, o why can't I be a priest" Chitiser is a regular contributor.

Anyway, this Gallagher thinks that civil authorities should have the power to reorganize Catholic parishes since the parish model is old and outdated and failing the church.

I shit you not. (Guess I needed it after all)

So he got his two buddies in the State House of Connecticut to write a bill proposing it.

I shit you not.

One of the largest catholic outcries in recorded history ensued.

At Gallagher's request, the bill was pulled today.

His little bio tells us all we need to know I think:

Tom Gallagher, a graduate of The Catholic University of America’s law school, is a former parish trustee and former Wall Street securities lawyer. He is an investment management professional and also runs a start-up company. He lives in Riverside, Conn.

If you want to, read his article explaining why the government should run churches here.

This assault on the church is just the middle game. It began a long time ago, and has a way to go yet, but we have to be ever vigilant if we are going to combat jerkoff's like this banker when they decide something needs to be changed.

Hmmmm.....wonder if I can get Little Bobby Casey to do something about the sucky music I heard this past weekend at my regular parish.....

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