Monday, March 23, 2009

Read the bill, dumbass!

Is anyone else sick of this AIG nonsense?

Are you sick of Der Obama and the Congress claiming they didn't know the authorization for the bonuses was in the stimulus bill?

How could they not know? They read the bill before they passed it.

Didn't they? We need to be sure they do read the bills they pass.

Currently there is a legislation is search of a congressman to introduce it.

It is called the "Read the Bills Act of 2006". Yeah. 2006.

No one in the House or Senate will introduce it.

Read more about it here and then tell your dumbass congressman to introduce this legislation. It is badly needed.

Don't you think?

1 comment:

Father G said...

Should anyone be surprised? It's much the same as all those idiot "Catholics" who voted for Obama-lama-ding-dong and now many of them are aghast that Der Fuhrer doesn't respect their catholic beliefs. Gee...imagine that. It's like what the hell did they expect...?! More Kool-Aid anyone?

Sheesh,talk about your dumbasses!