Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This really is a change

Barack Hussein Obama is almost president two months, and I must admit, I think he sucks.

I'm not saying this because I hate him, or because I didn't vote for him, or because I never wanted him within 40 acres of the White House, let alone LIVING there, but because I think this is true.

He is in WAY over his head, and just along for the ride. At our expense.

Let's forget about his so called executive orders. They speak for themselves.

He doesn't open his mouth unless someone else has written down exactly what he should say.

Want proof? Listen to him without a teleprompter.

He's the smart ass rich kid we all knew that always got whatever he wanted.

And this particular smart ass rich kid wanted to be president.

Somewhere a community is looking for it's organizer.

Please take him back.

I'll even give him a ride.

Never in the history of the presidency has there been one such as this.

Constant parties at the White House. You and I are paying for that.

Did you know Obama presented Stevie Wonder with the nation's highest award for pop music? Did you know we actually have a national "top honor" for pop music? I always thought that was a Grammy. Guess not. How much did that nonsense cost us?

Earth, Wind, and Fire played the White House last month. They probably didn't cost too much.

And there was a conga line too.

Luckily an organization called Freedom Watch is investigating the White House fetes.

Larry Klaymna, founder of Freedom's Watch released this:

“This party atmosphere sends the wrong message to the

American people. As the Obama-Clinton crowd party

on, the American people are suffering greatly. It was right to

criticize corporate execs for using taxpayer bailout money

on bonuses and corporate junkets. In the face of this

criticism, it is an outrage for Barack and Michelle Obama to

party on, as Rome burns. It’s like throwing a party at a



Father G said...

Hey Rockin'

Even the Democrats are starting to wise up to Obama-lama-ding-dong...and concerning the party atomosphere sending the wrong message... boy is that the understatement of the year and as we know there are far worse goings on. So I definitely agree...HE SUCKS!

Anonymous said...

Hey "Traddy"...I did read this one, and this blog could have been like a transcript of a convo my mom and I had last week about these stupid parties at the white house. It's just very bad taste to do this kind of crap when our economy is so down. seems silly. Being president doesn't mean you can have all these goodies and do whatever you want now. I mean, I wouldn't go bring Oingo Boingo back together to be a permanent juke box in my house if I were president, or say "Hey let me get a hyena! Why not, I'm president now!" Or, let's paint the white house red and black b/c those are my favorite colors! YAY! No. It's just bad taste...

- Laura