Monday, March 9, 2009

Stuck in reverse

This morning, our "president" again put the car into reverse and rescinded President Bush's ban on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.

What was un-reported by the main stream Obamamedia is that Obama’s new executive order undid not one, but two Bush policies.

He not only lifted the ban on taxpayer funding of embryo-destructive research, he also rescinded the executive order funding ethically acceptable alternatives (see the final sentence of this morning’s executive order).

So, in the name of advancing science, the Obama has just de-funded the most promising field of research in medicine.

The most advanced technique in the field is cell re-programming, which allows researchers to have all the flexible attributes of stem cells without destroying human lives. Only a week ago, the Washington Post reported that embryonic stem cell research was being eclipsed by alternative methods.

And that wasn’t even the first time the Post reported that ESCR was no longer necessary.

While embryonic stem cell research has yet to deliver on a single promise in spite of having been pursued vigorously in the private sector, here are just a handful of the exciting actual treatments coming from ethical sources.

Adult stem cells have been used to:
*Grow and implant new bladders from patients’ own cells.
*Relieve diabetics of insulin dependence.
* Given an advanced Parkinson’s patient a four-year reprieve from symptoms.
* They’re also being used to fight brain cancer.
*They’ve been used to grow new heart tissue.
*And grow new bone.
* They’ve helped a paraplegic to walk again (with braces).

Umbilical cord stem cells have been used to:Regrow spinal cord tissue, restoring feeling and movement in a person with an old injury.

In fact, ethically-obtained stem cells are now treating 65 actual human ailments. Embryonic stem cells? Not one. And it’s not because of lack of funding. It’s because they reproduce too rapidly and so far their growth can’t be controlled.

If you have a serious illness or love someone who does, wouldn’t you rather fund the research that’s actually producing cures?

Not Obama.

He has campaign promises to fulfill.

It would seem that the true purpose of the Obama administration is the destruction of human life, not the preservation of it.


Al said...

WHAT, you mean there are other stem cells besides embryonic? Not according to the main stream media. If you based your knowledge on the MSM reports you would never know that over 70 treatments exist using ethical stem cells, & more arriving weekly.

& even worse, you wouldn't know that, despite the horn blowing about some upcoming trials, that every trial using embryoinic stem cells has resulted in tumors, or worse.

But, as you said: "He has campaign promises to fulfill."

& doing so will result in "the destruction of human life, not the preservation of it."

Obama is the Messiah of the "culture of death". & if things don't change soon, that is exactly what we will reap.

Prayer (esp the Rosary) & repentance are the order of the day.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rockin,

Great article and I appreciate all the references that you cite. Here's a link to a local man, here in Mountain Top, PA, who had adult stem cell therapy and is recovering from multiple myeloma. Article was in the Times Leader in January 19, 2009.

Keep up the good work!

St. Mary's of Dorrance Parishioner

Anonymous said... see, this is very informative. And also disturbing. To me, it doesn't seem as much that Obama's agenda is to destruct or whatever ...maybe it's just to feed people what they "want" to make it look like he's doing something really great and the 'change' we so desperately 'need'. Like, people out there are all "omg stem cell research to save my crippled cousin" or whatever, so here Barack looks like the new savior coming to do that because this is all anybody knows about, thanks to the media as you said.

But, in reality, it's just a load of crap and there are plenty of alternative methods that wouldn't involve the harvesting of human embryos. I'm not the type that would out and out condemn someone for getting an abortion out of desperation or something... but to me, once the thing is a zygote, it does have a soul, so it should be treated as such. (And no, it's NOt the same as a flake of skin that has DNA, because THAT will never grow into a human). That's why just creating/harvesting a bunch of them to use for research...just seems way wrong. I mean, why not start birthing babies just to use them in lab research? No.

Sorry, I'm just a little annoyed at Obama. But thanks for the information, at least it's another take that isn't almighty-Obama-praise!

- L