Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Is Springtime Negotiable?

The guy consecrating the peanut butter cookie here, is Austrian Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn.

He was recently quoted as saying that the Vatican would "draw a red line in the sand" regarding the upcoming Vatican/SSPX talks.

It just strikes me as funny that this ultra modernist priest, who is already a laughing stock for his blessing gay marriages, his disco Masses, and his fresh baked hosts would even want to try to speak to the Vatican's position concerning the SSPX.

Pope Benedict is much more likely to lean towards the SSPX views we feel, especially given His Holiness' actions in the past. He freed the traditional Mass, allowed the Institute of the Good Shepherd back in the Church, and he has lifted the excommunications of the the SSPX bishops.

No matter what happens, pray that the Vatican/SSPX talks further the cause of Holy Mother Church.

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Anonymous said...

If he's going to break the tradition on the Eucharist, by God, make it acceptable to have the host made in a way that is gluten-free. Not a damn peanut butter cookie for frig's sake.