Thursday, September 3, 2009

Speculation and Hearsay, Good Enough For The Times Leader

Mark Guydish, education "reporter" for the Times Leader actually decided to write an article on the article from Time, which itself was based solely on speculation. I told you about the article earlier today.

The only new thing in his article is that he quoted Peter Borre, who is co chairman of the Council of Parishes, an organization always critical of the Catholic Hierarchy. What's not so clear is whether Guydish spoke directly with Borre, or simply cut and paste his comments from another story somewhere on the internets. Also less clear is whether or not Guydish researched any of the claims made by Borre in the article.

Funny that Guydish chooses to quote Peter Borre, a known Church dissident who specializes in frustrating the efforts of Bishops to rule in their own Diocese. He is currently helping "disaffected catholics", that is, those whose parishes are closing in the Boston area.

Way to tell a one-sided story based on hearsay, and try to make it out to be fact! Go take a journalism class, ya punk!

One wonders what he hopes to gain by writing this.

We do know what agenda he is pushing.

Is Guydish a Catholic? Does he attend a parish slated to close? Does anyone know anything about this so-called reporter? If you do, let me know.

Oh. Here's the link to his well thought out story.


Christian said...

I'm 95% sure Guydish has written confirming he's a Catholic from West Hazleton. My best Guess would be St. Francis of Assisi, closing and merging with Transfiguration.

Petrock said...

There's one interesting aspect of this story that seems to have been overlooked by bloggers and reporters alike. In Cardinal Rigali's appointment list (posted on the diocesan website), we read:

Monsignor Kevin T. McMahon, from Episcopal Vicar for Catholic Doctrine, Identity and Mission, to return to the Diocese of Wilmington.

So the Vatican has nullified one of Bp Martino's last and most controversial appointments even before he had a chance to settle in as Petit (if not Grand) Inquisitor. This speaks volumes.