Monday, September 7, 2009

Scumbag Of The Day

Well we haven't had one of these in a while.

But when a supposed catholic politician decides he wants to run for higher office and decides to come out embracing the murder of innocent children in the womb, that gets my Irish up.

And Chris Doherty, mayor of Scranton has done just that. He is my Scumbag of the Day.

Maybe the month.

And what gets me even more pissed at Doherty, is that I have heard his family runs The Guild. I have also heard that the Diocese runs the Guild, so until I have confirmation, I will reserve judgment on that business.

I pray some of the people praying outside Planned Parenthood later this month will picket outside his house. I pray the next Bishop of Scranton condemns him. I pray his priest denies him Holy Communion.

I pray for a lot of things.

But mostly that we would stop murdering our children.

God have mercy on us for our grave offenses.

And pray that Christopher Doherty becomes a man and that one day he defends children in the womb.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for alerting the readers. I pray that he is converted back to the pro life side. What a powerful witness that would be! Does he own the Guild? What steps can be taken?

What is Gary Di Bileo's position on abortion? Anyone know?

I really think a pro life Democrat could oust Doherty in Scranton over this, if enough of a push was made. Let's try to get a REAL (Governor) Casey Democrat to challenge Doherty.


Anonymous said...

Sir Rockin One:

He is the PERFECT, TEXTBOOK EXAMPLE of why priests have to keep hitting, and hitting, and hitting the abortion issue. Until people get it through their THICK HEADS that it is NOT ALRIGHT to claim allegiance to the Catholic Church and be pro-abortion, we CANNOT move on to the "other issues."

My problem here is two-fold: 1) That Dougherty feels quite free to dismiss Church teaching, and 2) (more importantly) that he feels quite free to come public with it- he does not even respect his Faith or his Church enough to keep his opinions in the private realm.

Sir Rockin One, you might disagree here, but I think it is one thing to struggle internally with Church teaching and give assent. I think it quite another to publically dissent, disobey, and disgrace the Faith you claim allegiance.

Though I am angry as Hell, Dougherty needs our prayers right now, not our wrath. Father forgive him, he knows not what he does.

Father Dave Bechtel

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with your "scumbag" assessment. Funny how he "comes out" after Bishop Martino retires, I guess he figures he won't be denied communion. So sad, God help us all.

Anonymous said...

You are so right---abortion is murder. But you are a martino defender, and he was in essention an employee of the diocese, aka martino! Now, just what do you, Traddy, make of that coincidence??

The Rockin' Traddy said...

Father Bechtel!

I do see the distinction you mention. One brings ruination to the soul privately, and the other brings ruination, plus scandal to the Church as well. And when a public official thumbs his nose at Church teaching with no consequences, Bishops set very dangerous precedences, with the result of this cafeteria Catholicism we see in every diocese in the world.

Now if I didn't believe in something the Church taught, say killing babies in the womb, I would probably denounce my faith, and find a "church" more in keeping with what I believe. I wouldn't try to change the Church's teaching, nor would I prance around like a saint pretending to be a good Catholic. Who do these people think they are fooling? Don't they know that the One who matters has already seen into their heart?

Makes you wonder if they actually believe in anything, or are they just going through the motions, keeping up appearances.

And where you offer Doherty prayers, he needs to see some wrath. He obviously doesn't believe what the Church believes, he needs to see a negative reaction to his announcement. There has to be consequences, and you attack that which he values most, his pocketbook.

I'll never go in The Guild again. I hope my readers don't use them either.

Anonymous said...

For those that ask, where can I find documentation that the Guild is owned by Doherty? I believe you, but others may not.



The Rockin' Traddy said...

Friend -

I've heard from two separate people who should know that the Doherty family owns it. I am in the process of finding out.

I heard today that the Diocese owns it, so there is now some doubt. I am awaiting confirmation.

Anonymous said...

I have always been under the impression the Diocese owns it.

However maybe it is just the building. Maybe Dougherty simply owns the BUSINESS and has it set up in the guild building? But the employees of the guild have always been at the Diocesean Picnic- indicating they work for the Diocese, NOT Dougherty.

So I don't know for certain, but I would hege my bets that the Diocese owns it. I await your research.

Father Dave Bechtel

Christian said...

Is this a photoshopped picture of the ignorant cowardly jerk? It sure looks like someone hit him so hard in the teeth that they are turning black. Maybe its just my monitor or wishful thinking...

Anonymous said...

Oh good God, Rockin' Traddy, that abortion countdown on the right side is so morbid!! Even for me ;P

- L

The Rockin' Traddy said...

Father and Friend -

RE: Ownership of the Guild

I emailed Msgr. Bambera today with no reply. I also left a voice mail message for Trish the manager of the Guild. I told her who I was and what I wanted and that was probably a big mistake because I haven't heard from her either. That's ok cuz I'll just stop in and find her myself tomorrow when I go through Scranton. I'll keep ya posted.

The Rockin' Traddy said...

Christian -

That is an un-photoshopped picture found on Google of the Scranton mayor. I believe the blackening of his teeth is merely a physical manifestation of his evil baby-killing heart.

Yea or Nay?

Anonymous said...

Traddy, I'm surprised at you, of all people. You CLAIM to be so religious; and yet you refer to a human being as a "scumbag". Think of Jesus, Traddy; Think of Jesus. Would he call anyone a "scumbag"? I think not!!

The Rockin' Traddy said...


Don't be surprised I called him a scumbag, be surprised that I allowed your nameless comment to be posted.

As far as for Doherty being a scumbag, in my view, pretty much anyone who thinks that murdering babies in the womb is hunkydory is a piece of filth.

And don't get too upset about it, it's rare that someone gets my Irish up enough to earn the title.

You've gotta be a real scumbag.

Anonymous said...

Sir Rockin One:

Don't you just love people and their self righteous indignation? Their manufactured outrage?

I for one want to know where people got this idea that Jesus was some namby pamby, milktoast, hippie, pushover wimp.

Father Dave Bechtel

The Rockin' Traddy said...

Father -

He wore sandals, right? He had long hair, right? He MUST of been a wimpy, patchouli wearing hippee...