Monday, September 7, 2009

La Festa Messa With The Cardinal!

I went to the Mass at the Cathedral yesterday with Cardinal Rigali.

The Mass was Novus Ordo in Italian, which was odd because only a handful of people actually spoke Italian, as was evident by the lackluster responses by the congregation. But the Mass was in the context of "La Festa Italiana", an annual street fair of Italian culture held at Courthouse Square in Scranton.

After Mass, myself and Mrs. Traddy did partake of several delicacies including arancini; a deep fried rice ball stuffed with meat sauce, peas and cheese, an awesome sweet sausage and pepper hoagie, yummy Italian pastries, and iced cappuccino. I'm still bloated this morning! :-)

The Cardinal's sermon had two main themes, unity and sanctity of life. The Cardinal showed by his message that there will be no rupture in the Diocese where the unborn are concerned. Most likely to the dismay of little Bobby Casey who was not present at the Mass.

After the Mass His Eminence indicated that the next Bishop of Scranton must be pastoral. He must be involved in the life of the people of his Diocese. He also rightly declined to hint at a possible replacement.

Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Help spread the word about Mayor Doherty coming out in favor of abortion. Nice timing...after the primary and when we have no Bishop.

Sick, how can anyone support the slaughter of babies?


Won't he be in for a shock when he finds out that it is priests who have the perogative to deny communion?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a cool mass.

- L