Friday, August 28, 2009

Bishop Martino Video And My Thoughts

This video below was posted on the web-site of the Scranton Times moments ago.

Something is definitely up if, as the headline suggests, both Bishop Martino and Dougherty are leaving. Bishop Dougherty of course, should have been gone two years ago when he turned 75.

Bishop Martino, appearing in public without his clerical garb, responded to reporters questions today by saying "'ll have to work with Bill Genello, ok?"

There will be a news conference Monday at 10am.

Everything we are hearing is nothing more than speculation, especially the rumors of Bishop Sullivan coming in to take over. I don't know who "Scranton Priest" is, which means I have absolutely no reason to believe he knows anything more than any of us at this point. If he wants to send me a private email he may do so, but take that post with a grain of salt.

Let me say to all of the people rejoicing over Bishop Martino's resignation: Pope Benedict is the most conservative Pope in 50 years. If you think he is going to name someone to this Diocese who is going to come in and undo everything Bishop Martino has done, you're crazier than a Protestant with a box of Ritz crackers. His Holiness has a plan for this Diocese, and that plan will be revealed more fully when Bishop Martino's successor is announced by the Holy See. Be patient and all will be revealed.


Anonymous said...

Cardinal Rigali of Philadelphia is 74...could Bishop Martino be slated for that role?

I hope our diocese is a place where the Holy Father lays the groundwork for something awesome, a restoration. Trust in God.

Scr. Area Catholic

Anonymous said...

Sir Rockin One:

I am very sorry to see the bishop go. I had been hearing rumors of his resignation for some time, but I hoped they were not true. A few weeks ago we knew the bishop was moving to Pius, which sent the signal that something big was in the works, but I had hoped not.

I appreciated his no nonsense approach to the Catholic Faith, and I appreciated his strong leadership and no nonsense approach to decisions.

Given the problems this diocese is facing, it seems to me this is exactely what was needed. I hope whoever is assigned here next, is as zealous for the Faith as Bishop Martino.

Father Dave Bechtel

Christian said...

Well my prayers and thanks are with him.

The Rockin' Traddy said...

Scranton Catholic - good observation. One never knows. I am certain His Holiness will continue in his vein of appointing solid orthodox Bishops in this Diocese as well.

The Rockin' Traddy said...

Father Bechtel -

Thanks for your always insightful words. I pray we recieve a shepherd who can now the reform of the reform now that oour physical plant is in place.

I saw you taking some flak over at the Times. I decided to enter the fray. Let's go give 'em hell!

Anonymous said...

The liberals over at the Times are unspeakably cruel in their comments. They are not about compassion, but power.

God Bless Bishop Martino, now let's ALL go to his defense!

Scr. Area Catholic

Dan said...

This I can't belive. I mean he seems a little skidish and on nerves end. this is a surprise to say the least. May God help him and us.

Anonymous said...

Roaming Catholic writes:
Bishop Martino's upcoming departure made news tonight (Friday, Aug 28. 09) on "The World Over", seen on EWTN. Nothing new was said.

Anonymous said...

Woah scandal in Scranton! Uh... *twiddles thumbs down in Maryland*

- L

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he is merely getting a new auxillary, and it is only Bishop Dougherty retiring, and the news got their story wrong!

Pray for our beloved Bishop!

Scr. Area Catholic