Saturday, August 1, 2009

Divine Office

Does anyone pray the Liturgy of the Hours? If not, you should.

If the 4 volume LOH scares you, that's ok. There are a few online ways to pray the Office.

I have used Universalis in the past, but was informed that they do not use the approved English translation.

I have come to settle on which offers a podcast of the daily prayers and also tells you which volumes and on what pages the prayers appear in the 4 volume LOH. Very nice.

If you visit my pal CUAGUY, he has some nice posts on the office. Just scroll down abit. Very informative.


Al said...

Been praying it for 20 yrs. Can't imagine not doing it any more. The 4 vol edition is well worth it IMHO, esp if you want to do the Office of Readings.

As for Universalis, another weakness is the fact that for the office of readings, it doesn't provide the readings for optional memorials.

Christian said...

Universalis is a work in process, by an Englishman, and so he uses the Liturgical Text approved for England -- the (New?) Jerusalem Bible. The iphone app for Universalis is excellent, particularly as the new update includes the little hours now.

Also, if you have an iPhone or iPod touch, iBreviary is a $1 application that does a great job, although you are pretty much limited to the current day (sometimes that's an inconvenience).

A good tool to ease your way into the discipline is to get a subscription to Magnificat. It carries an somewhat abbreviated version of the major hours and is a great educational tool as well.