Monday, August 10, 2009

Depravity Hits Kirby Park

Well the public park where my little daughter plays was host to the so-called "Pride Fest" yesterday afternoon. Nearly 1,ooo homosexuals gathered to celebrate their depraved lifestyle.

I really haven't said much on the gay lifestyle here on the old blog.

But I really wish I would have known this was going on yesterday.

I would have gone down to photograph the disordered behavior I expect was going on. Based on the documented evidence I have seen elsewhere whenever gays get together to celebrate their "diversity", it usually turns into a semi-dressed love fest.

There were also vendors and "Sponsors". I'd like to know who the sponsors of this anti-family event were.

The Times Leader reported indoctrination: "...Designed to be family-oriented, PrideFest offered a children’s tent with games and activities such as balloon animals and face painting by Outrageous Entertainment. Adult entertainment, in addition to the drag queen show, included solo and duet singers and instrumentalists, a magician, a poet, disc jockeys and a tarot card reader."

So as we can see, at a event run by gays, where children are expected, they have face painters and drag queens performing all your favorite hits. I'm sure their rendition of "I'm every woman" was a high point of the afternoon.

What do you all think of this? Did anyone go?

I await the comments accusing me of gay bashing.


Christian said...

I was there. I live nearby and could hear the music, so I took the dog for a walk to see what it was all about. The area was all fenced off with those orange Snow fences and yellow 'do not cross' tape. There was an entrance point that had quite the interesting show going on. There were a few brave Christians with signs, handouts, and strong voices talking to everyone who approached the entrance. These guys were interspersed with a number of people carrying giant rainbow umbrellas and signs saying 'Silent Witness'. Then there was the entire contingent of Guardian Angels just standing there. I imagine the Pridefest folks asked them to be there to protect the entrants, but I really thing that any violence would have likely been direected at the Christians. Why? Because SOME of the folks at the pridefest were vulgar, obscene, and Proud of it. In fact, two youngish guys approached passed me and my dog, and bent over to pet the dog, making the comment "What a cute Dog, -- we all like it doggy style here." Sigh. SOME people were wearing some vulgar clothes, I saw one couple displaying some S&M walking around with one person on a leash... it goes on.
I don't know, but I wonder how displaying pride in a heterosexual relationship would be addressed at such an event.
Setting aside the fact that many if not most of the people there were not Christian and couldn't care less, the real sad thing from a Christian viewpoint is the name of the event. Many many of the people there were not displaying pride in the persons they are, but pride in act. Although their sin is no worse than many others, including many of mine, what is curious is that they are the only group of sinners I know of who identify themselves with their sin.

Anonymous said...

Lol what's wrong with the face painters? And the drag show was for the adults it said. Now yeah, if they were all in their underwear that wouldn't be appropriate for the public (which I know is sometimes typical), but otherwise, eh.

*Crosses arms* You can further await for gay bashing since y'ain't gettin it from me lol. Yes active gay acts is not approved so I see that embracing it and flaunting it is the problem...but you know...we're also supposed to love thy neighbor even if they sin (whatever it may be). Which I know you know, but still. :P

I mean yeah a pro-abortion parade would seem wrong, so i guess you can say it's like that, but I don't see it that way. Because abortion deals with ending lives and whatnot which is a mortal sin. Maybe it'd be more akin to a "swingers"-parade or something? *scratches chin* But it's always tetchy ground with this topic because a large amount of homosexuals don't choose to feel that way, whereas something like 'swinging' --- ah okay I'll stop now.

Oh I'm glad I'm just a lowly person that doesn't have to decide right and wrong!


The Rockin' Traddy said...

L - What is wrong with the face painters is that this is how they try to indoctrinate our kids. Plus they assume children will be present, and need to have "entertainment" for them. What these people engage in should not be exposed to children. That's my point. And do you really think the straight children present actually didn't see the drag queens prancing around?

As far as gay bashing I meant I was waiting for people to accuse me of it. I wasn't asking people to do it here.

And yes, abortion is a mortal sin, but so is sex outside of marriage, and so is committing the marital act outside of marriage with someone of the same gender.

I agree with you that it is the same as a swingers parade, as both are a festival where sin is celebrated.

But this is more dangerous. The entire pro-gay movement is an attempt at normalization. As soon as main street accepts the gay lifestyle as normal the gays win because then those on the right will have been marginalized. When opposition ends, then the defenses fall, gay marriage will be legalized. Then this country will really be screwed.

Long ago gays decided on their course of action. It is hard to find a tv show where some lovable gay person isn't depicted. Gay relationships are openly flaunted. They want to be seen as normal. Don't kid yourself. That's what this is all about. Expose kids to the gay lifestyle, and they grow to accept it. Have Elmo tell them being gay is just "being different", and that's half the battle.

Love the sinner, hate the sin. But also be able to tell the difference between loving thy neighbor and being indoctrinated into accepting their sinful ways.

The Rockin' Traddy said...

Thanks for the eye witness report, Christian. I think I more mad that the City of Wilkes-Barre gave these people permits to disrupt the park on a Sunday afternoon. I would like to talk to some of the cleanup people and see what they found afterwards...

Anonymous said...

Okay you're right I misunderstood the gay bashing comment.

And, I think it is inappropriate what Christian said that they had some dude leading another around on a leash and the doggy-style comment to a stranger etc. while at the same time expecting kids to be there. As far as the drag queens, that doesn't bother me.

"They want to be seen as normal. Don't kid yourself. That's what this is all about. Expose kids to the gay lifestyle, and they grow to accept it. Have Elmo tell them being gay is just "being different", and that's half the battle.

Love the sinner, hate the sin. But also be able to tell the difference between loving thy neighbor and being indoctrinated into accepting their sinful ways."

I do get what you're saying. I understand that the problem with gay rights from a religious standpoint is, like you said, normalizing a lifestyle that involves something considered a sin. Typically people don't try to normalize adultery or non-monogamous relationships, etc. So yeah I get that.

It's just, like I was saying, the gay thing is tricky because it just doesn't seem to be in the same category as having an affair etc. or swinging around. I guess both deal with giving in to temptations placed in their life. But it seems unfair (not that life is fair) that some people are either born or somehow through things out of their control (maybe a mix of nature and nurture) psychologically develop into being homosexual. So I guess they're just doomed to wander alone or force themselves to try to live a certain way that contradicts what they feel. *shrug* Just their cross to bear I guess? And I know, you or someone else or whatever can argue that it is 100% a choice and blah blah, but sorry, I don't buy that. (being that way, not the act I mean). SOMEtimes it probably is. people just wanna fool around and experiment etc. Other times, not so much. I think of one of my family's friends who was raised strictly religious and even got dissed by his dad and mom because he turned out to be gay. Why would he chose to alienate himself and suffer. And no don't think it's all some act of rebellion or parent hatred because till his mom died he was the one who spent most of his effort caring for her, etc.

And then you can always go back to the argument that the bible says weird stuff about eating shellfish and women on their periods, etc, and how come we make exceptions for that but not other things. Who knows. But that opens up a hideous can of worms. So like I said, I'm glad I'm not the one that has to decide morality (for anyone, besides how I act myself, that is).

- L