Monday, August 3, 2009


Does anyone recall a few years back when "Gentleman's Club 10" opened in Wilkes-Barre township?

Does anyone remember the outrage?

"How dare they open a strip club right on the main drag, so close to the arena and area shopping centers?"

Why has that furor died down?

How come no one asked why the "Adult" Playtime Boutique which shows pornographic movies in little booths where men go to engage in impure activities remains open? And right there across from Denny's, too.

And don't get me started that Cinema 309 is located right next to Kmart. Men regularly post ads on Craigslist to met up there for sex.

No outrage there?

I think it's time we take back our towns from these purveyors of porn.

Anyone agree?


Anonymous said...

This post made me laugh for some reason, lol. Just the subject matter and the way it was written.

- L

Christian said...

Ok brother, I'm fed up with it. Now what?

Anonymous said...

So called "Gentleman's Clubs" are sexist and exploit women. They are disgusting, and should be shut down.

Proud Catholic

The Rockin' Traddy said...

I dunno Chris. It'll take more than you and me standing outside the porn store to shut it down.

We need to work on men. Men's morality. Teach them how to be Catholic husbands and fathers.It is increasingly hard to do so when you are assaulted from all sides by sex and immorality.

Lets talk.