Friday, August 14, 2009

Interview With Tea Party Organizer Scavo

You'll remember the other day I posted this about an upcoming Tea Party scheduled to be held at the Lackawanna County Court House tomorrow at 1pm. Since then I have conducted an interview with Mr. Frank Scavo the organizer. Here it is for you.

Can you tell us a little about your background and how you got involved in political activism?

I am currently in management in an auto parts distribution company, LKQ. I have 25 years plus experience driving sales and responding to the customer. The key to success in business is listening and serving the customer. That is how I dominate my market, talk is cheap, but performance produces result.

I became politically active and ran for office when GW Bush asked for us to be more than citizens at his 2001 inauguration. I decided to run for the Old Forge school board to put the brakes on property taxes and teacher strikes. I was elected and was top vote getter. I then saw the need to improve the process of state gov't and ran a campaign to unseat State senator Bob Mellow, a 34 year incumbent. With a $3,000 budget I garnered 30% of the vote, and missed winning by only 15,000 votes.

What prompted you to organize a Tea Party for the area?

What prompted me to organize the tea party is that the moves our government is making are UNCONSTITUTIONAL!! Plus, when I saw Sebelius/ Specter's disdain and not being honest with the people at the first town hall meeting that was televised. We pay these guys!! I knew then that the people had to act quickly to exert our voices, our pressure to stop the carte blanche, open check health care initiative! I sent out the e-mail to over 400 on my contact list, and then proceeded to make arrangements with the Lackawanna county for the Saturday event. I invited Specter, Casey, Carney and Kanjorski to talk to the people. All have since declined, and only Carney has a town hall meeting in the Scranton area. I will have empty reserved seats for them!

What is the schedule for tomorrow's Tea Party in Scranton?

The tea party will be held Saturday, August 15th at 1 pm at the Lackawanna County Courthouse, soldiers memorial side. Speakers Lee Morgan, representing the Lackawanna County Taxpyers Assoc will be addressing property taxes, James May, retired Iraq war veteran will be addressing liberty, Bob Butts , local businessman will be addressing the Water Cure and health care. I will be adressing EFCA, Health care and shrinking the size of state legislature.

What do you hope to accomplish tomorrow?

The end result is to coordinate a march of 100 people to the Scranton offices of Kanjorski, Casey and Specter to STOP this health care fiasco and have our reps vote no until. The people must exercise free speech and fight for liberty! By leading this resistance, my hope is that the people unite to change the direction of government and stop wasting our had earned tax dollars.

Can you explain to my readers why it is important to get involved and why they should support tomorrow's Tea Party?

It is vital for us to be engaged in large numbers! We must show the leaders of our representative republic that the health care system must not be scrapped and taken over by the goverenment! The government does not add value to the economy or the health care system! The government adds cost and expenses, which will result in zero competition and less health care! Exactly the opposite of what they are trying to sell. I am not buying it. The last business that had no competition was television cable companies...and they made a movie about you remember the Cable Guy? Is that how we want our critically important health care to be handled???

Thanks to Frank Scavo for taking time to speak with us today. Be sure to do your part if you are frustrated with the way Washington is dealing with the people. This is our country, these guys work for us. So get out there and let your employees know what you think about the so-called "health care reform".


Christian said...

I like Bob Butz and all, but the organizers are doing a serious dis-service to themselves by having him frontline the debate.

Anonymous said...

Cool, you interviewed him!

And lmao at the Cable Guy, for some odd reason that's one of my favorite movies to watch. Ironically I saw the end of it on TV yesterday and almost went and watched the whole thing because yes, I own the DVD.

More importantly - I hope the tea shindig garners attention. I certainly don't want government-run health care. He's right about the non-competition thing being bad. Yeah, let's have our health care be like the thanks... I don't want to wait for weeks to get an appointment only to have the doctor treat me like crap, see me for 5 seconds, and toss me some medicine (or not) that probably isn't even what my problem is.

- L

The Rockin' Traddy said...

Christian - I don't know that Bob Butz is frontlining the debate.

I don't know that there will be a debate.

The only way I see a debate happening is if one of our elected officials finds their balls and shows up.

And we know that ain't gonna happen.

Christian said...

I mis-typed about the word 'debate', apologies. I'm just saying 98% of the news reading NEPA public will hear 'Water Cure being pitched by Tea Party organization as alternative to Obama-care."

The Rockin' Traddy said...

LOL! You're right. I didn't think of that!