Saturday, August 29, 2009

What A Bishop!

Bishop Edward J. Slattery, Ordinary of the Diocese of Tulsa has ceased the practice of Mass facing the people, and now celebrates facing the altar (ad orientem).

His Excellency explains "From ancient times, the position of the priest and the people reflected this understanding of the Mass, since the people prayed, standing or kneeling, in the place that visibly corresponded to Our Lord’s Body, while the priest at the altar stood at the head as the Head, We formed the whole Christ – Head and members – both sacramentally by Baptism and visibly by our position and posture. Just as importantly, everyone – celebrant and congregation – faced the same direction, since they were united with Christ in offering to the Father Christ’s unique, unrepeatable and acceptable sacrifice.”

He here to read the rest of the excellent article. If only more Ordinaries would follow this example.