Monday, August 31, 2009

News Conference

The Vatican has accepted the resignations of our Bishops as of this morning.

9:56 Stay tuned here for the latest from the Diocese.

10:01 Cardinal Rigali is here. Bishop Martino looks uneasy. Bill Genello opens up.

Bishop Martino is making a statement. I hope to have the text up shortly.

The Bishop has been suffering from insomnia and fatigue. He offered his resign. He will be staying at the Fatima Center in Dalton.

No one has been chosen to replace him.

Cardinal Rigali will be the administrator in the meantime.

He closed his statement with Paul's Letter to the Thessalonians.

The Cardinal is now speaking.

Bishop Timlin was thanked for his service and the good he did. There was no thanks for moving pedophiles from parish to parish...

Monsignor Bambera is Vicar General now, overseeing the day to day operations of the Diocese.

Monsignor Grimalia is now director of "Called to holiness and mission".

He also is making all new appointments of vicars.

Cardinal Rigali states the Diocese is filled with "people of vibrant faith". One can tell he hasn't spent much time here.

Bishops Timlin and Dougherty will be performing confirmations.

Bishop Martino thinks he sent his resignation around June 12. The Pope accepted it around July 29.

Bishop Martino tells us he thankfully does not have any chronic illness.

About a year ago, Bishop Martino thought the best thing he could do for the Diocese was to move on.

The Bishop spoke very well of the pro-life movement and the people involved in it.

The Bishop feels free. He is optimistic for the Diocese. He did "...the best I could and I did the right thing".

And there it is.

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Anonymous said...

Short and to the point. A good conference. The next and most important step now is to pray for the diocese.