Monday, April 21, 2008

False Ecumenism and You!

Yesterday my NO parish priest advanced the cause of false ecumenism during his homily. How did he do this?

He told us that catholics are not the only ones that go to Heaven, that everyone is invited to the banquet. But as usual he failed to give us directions how to get there.

And then he said that "it's amazing how narrow-minded some people can be".

Church teaching tells us that outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation. Pretty plain and simple.

Ecumenism as dialog which leads to conversion is one thing. But we should just call it by it's true name - evangelization.

False ecumenism is when we feel that we must change the truths of the Church to make it seem more appealing. The whole reason we are evangelizing in the first place is so that people come to know the truth - the truth that Jesus Christ founded one Church, with Peter as it's head. That church survives to this day and we that are a part of it, we all have a share of salvation - but within the Church.

Maybe he didn't mean to teach error, but his comment about "narrow-minded" people that thought otherwise, makes it hard for me to believe he didn't mean everything he said.

I wrote him a letter quoting the catechism and some other things. I don't expect much from him though. We'll see what happens.

Remember class, we cannot teach error as truth. That's what I have a problem with.

And you should too.

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