Thursday, April 17, 2008

Liturgical stew boils over in DC

It was obvious that whoever planned the music for this Mass has never read anything His Holiness has written on Liturgy. It reminded me of a broadway show at a local community theatre.

Salsa music, African rhythms, Marty Haugen, electric piano, drums and bells. That music did not raise my thoughts to God, but to whom I should complain to about the poor choices made.

If someone had a statement to make to the Pope regarding their views on liturgical music, they sure made it. And they made American Catholics look like idiots.

Good job.



I couldn't agree with you more!! The music choices were ridiculous. They even omitted the dona nobis pacem from their Agnus Dei - an attempt at traditional music.
I am happy to say the Yankees did a much better job.
I live in central VA (poor me)but grew up in NYC! I just knew they would do better. More Latin would have been nice, but the music was beautiful anyhow.

The Rockin' Traddy said...

NYC was much better. I can't help but think that the music in Washington will be used by the modernists to flaunt their music choices, while the NYC masses will be ignored.