Friday, April 4, 2008

Latest SDACT news

How wonderful it would be if all Catholics exhibited the kind of obedience demonstrated by the Holy Mother of God!

The National Catholic Reporter, that bastion of true Catholic teaching posted this article today, and SDACT is all orgasmic that they have made the "national media". Joan Chittister, one of the leading proponents of womens ordination is a columnist there, so that should tell you where NCR stands as far as obedience to the Magisterium.

I find it odd that SDACT posted the article on their blog on April 2, but it didn't appear on the website of the NCR until today. Smells fishy to me that the Union would receive an advance copy of the article two days before it was published, most likely it was to allow union officials to ok it first. It doesn't contain anything we don't already know, just a rehash. But expect to see more from NCR.

I will most likely make another comment at SDACT's blog, but two previous comments went unposted. Here is the one I left for them last week when they announced their "prayer vigil".

It's sad that you choose the busiest time at St. Peters to "pray for the intentions of Bishop Martino", when the faithful are arriving to attend Holy Mass. To use the sacrifice of the Mass for your own ends is a despicable act, and shows your true intent - more media attention. We're not that stupid to fall for it.


Anonymous said...

Obviously you have never lived under the TYRANNY of bishop Martino. The man is FULL OF HIMSELF. Now, PUBLISH THAT!!!!!!!!!

The Rockin' Traddy said...

As you see, I have published your comment. And I live under the Episcopate of Bishop Martino. I see no tyranny.

FYI, the opinion of people who have teensy balls and don't leave their name on my page aren't worth the space they take up.

Could it be you are a member of the evil SDACT seeking revenge on the Traddy for his radical comments?