Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Vocations for local church!

Congratulations and prayers are in order for two parishoners of a local Scranton Diocese church. Kathryn Keifer and Lauren Gillenkirk of St. Michaels Roman Catholic Church in Scranton are both off to the nunnery! St. Michaels is run by the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter and exclusively offers the Mass and sacraments according to the 1962 Missal.

Hope they like soccer, obviously they play alot of it.

How many of you, in the Scranton diocese or not, that attend a Novus Ordo church, have ever seen the announcement in your bulletin that not one, but TWO people were entering the convent?

No, me neither. I have never seen an announcement that a young man has entered the seminary either. Although I can count two personal friends that have dropped out. Does that count? I mean, they must have announced it in their bulletin that my two friends were entering seminary. Did they announce when they left too?

As long as we have the relativist attitude that pervades our clergy and churches today, this trend will continue. The diocesan system countrywide is devoid of young men and women discerning their vocation, while the traditionalist orders are turning people away. Perhaps by the time I go to see God, there will be more traddy priests and sisters, and the diocesan realtivists will be in the minority, leaving us with tradition riding high in the churches!

And there will be much rejoicing.


Fr. Ken said...

Hi Traddy,

I appreciate your blog. As a member of the clergy, I was wondering if you might help start a trend towards not generalizing about the clergy by writing things along the lines of "...the relativist attitude that pervades the clergy..." It would be helpful.

Some of us really are trying our hardest, and praying upon the situation as we try to save souls.

Many thanks!
In Christ,
Fr. Ken

The Rockin' Traddy said...

Hi Father!

Yes, I agree, it would be helpful. But I feel what I wrote is unfortunately true. I know there are very good priests that are trying hard, and we must take baby steps to get where we need to be, but the fact is that the clergy is responsible for the state of the Church today, for good or bad.

But just to clarify, I did not mean to include those priests working towards orthodoxy in my blanket statement about relativism and the clergy. I assumed my statement would be understood to mean those clergy who have a hard time passing along true Church teaching, not those that embrace the Church and pass along the truth unflinchingly to their parishoners. I hope that helps.

Are you in the Scranton Diocese? Tell us about your parish if you would!