Monday, April 13, 2009

Do tell!

I'm sure there are those of you with your stories of liturgical terrorism that you witnessed the past few days: perhaps the Easter Bunny recessed out of Mass yesterday? Maybe there was liturgical dance Maundy Thursday, or maybe just a bakers dozen of female feet were scrubbed up. Let us know. We love to hear what you are seeing out there!

Of course, if you attended a breathtakingly beautiful liturgy tell us about that too. We're not all about negativity you know! We like to report the good and the bad.

Have a nice Easter Monday!


Anonymous said...

Mines' more interesting I guess. Our priest was very unhappy because one of his best friends (another priest at another parish) had died literally right after giving the Mass on Good Thursday. So our priest was sort of tying in the loss of his friend to the hope Jesus gives in his resurrection, etc. It was definitely the most somber Easter homily I've ever heard. But I like the priest a lot because he is always honest, humble, empathetic and has a way of connecting in a real way (if that makes sense).

We had nice lilies and flowers everywhere but thankfully no dumb bunnies.

Oh, but what DID bother me...there were some people with noisy kids nearby, so I seriously couldn't even concentrate on praying. But, eh, I can't be a total grouch and get angry at children on Easter, doesn't seem right... ;P

- L

Kathreja said...

My parish was the bastion of all that is right in the N.O. Liturgy from Thursday through Sunday... 12 MEN's feet were washed etc. Msgr. Bartholomew Smith did a breathtakingly beautiful liturgy at my parish in Silver Spring, MD.