Thursday, April 30, 2009

Partially Faithful Catholics

Let me say for the record, I wholeheartedly support Bishop Martino in his instruction of Little Bobby Casey. I start to wonder however, when will enough be enough? How many more empty threats to withhold the Holy Eucharist will fall flat before Casey just laughs off any more attempts at correction by the Bishop?

And yes, I understand, Bobby is a public figure and should be living and working as a witness to his Catholic faith, and as such a high profile guy, is also a target for the Bishop when he fails to live up to what should be clearly defined Catholic morals.

But Bishop Martino, if you went into any Catholic church Sunday and asked the "faithful" Catholics in attendance how many are using birth control and 3/4's of the hands went up, what would you do? How about asking how many support abortion rights? Or gay marriage? Or any number of other issues.

What would you do?

It's time I think to separate the wheat from the chaff and tell these Partially Faithful Catholics to either shape up or get the hell out. Because they are bringing down the church with their relativism and modernism.

And let me tell you, FSSP and SSPX are looking a whole lot better to a lot of eyes around here.

Bishop Joseph F. Martino said today (April 29) that he is “deeply disappointed” that Sen. Robert Casey voted yesterday with the majority in the Senate to approve the nomination of Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, a staunch supporter of abortion rights, for Secretary of Health and Human Services.

The Bishop had previously urged Sen. Casey to “oppose strenuously” her nomination because of her well established pro-abortion record. In a letter faxed to Sen. Casey on April 27, the Bishop noted:

“As Governor of Kansas, Ms. Sebelius has vetoed several separate pieces of pro-life legislation. Most recently, the Kansas governor vetoed yet another state law that would have restricted late-term abortions. The law aimed to give women and girls, as well as their husbands or parents, power to sue abortionists if they perform the procedure illegally. The legislation also would have required late-term abortionists to provide a fuller account of each procedure to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

“In addition to Kathleen Sebelius’ pro-abortion record, her relationship with one of our nation’s most notorious abortionists, Dr. George Tiller, is equally troubling. Recently, it was revealed that Governor Sebelius benefited from hundreds of thousands of dollars that Dr. Tiller donated to influence the 2002 Kansas gubernatorial race in her favor.

“Considering Governor Sebelius’ relationship with leaders in the abortion industry and her consistent vetoing of laws that would have regulated abortion procedures and restricted or enforced restrictions on late-term abortions in the state of Kansas, I urge you to oppose strenuously her appointment as Secretary of Health and Human Services.”

Despite his claims of being “pro-life,” Sen. Casey’s voting record thus far has been inconsistent.

On the one hand, Sen. Casey is to be commended for initiatives that provide support for pregnant women and families. And Bishop Martino is grateful for the Senator’s recent vote for an amendment that would have provided conscience protection on abortion for health care workers. (Regrettably, the amendment was defeated in the Senate.)

On the other hand, Sen. Casey voted to rescind the Mexico City Policy, thus ensuring that American taxpayer funds go to organizations abroad dedicated to performing and promoting abortions even in cultures that are opposed to them. The result is that abortion becomes the preferred means for reducing family size in developing nations. Neither the Helms Amendment nor any other U.S. legislation prevents that.

He also voted for the appointment of Harvard Law School Dean Elena Kagan as solicitor general. Ms. Kagan supports partial-birth abortion and opposed withdrawing federal funds from taxpayer-funded abortion clinics despite popular opposition. She opposed funding teen-pregnancy counseling by religious institutions. As solicitor general, she is likely to oppose the Federal Defense of Marriage Act, thus opening the door to legislation allowing same-sex marriage.

And now Sen. Casey has joined with his colleagues to put Gov. Sebelius in charge of building a new health care system in the United States. Her well-established pro-abortion track record provides ample evidence for the anti-life decisions she will make in this key position.

Bishop Martino has communicated with Sen. Casey about these issues, and his responsibilities as a Catholic and a public official. The Bishop will continue to monitor the Senator’s positions and votes concerning life issues.

If necessary, future determinations will be made regarding whether Sen. Casey is worthy to receive Holy Communion. However, at this point Bishop Martino believes it is incumbent upon Sen. Casey to reflect on his actions and ask himself if he should receive the sacrament.

Bishop Martino said that, since Sen. Casey is a member of the Diocese of Scranton, it is the Bishop’s pastoral responsibility to instruct the Senator about these serious moral issues.


Al said...

IMHO this was they final warning. I think Bishop Martino has given Casey a choice, shape up or else. & he has also told Casey if you don't want to then do the right think & no Communion before I have to publicly make you stop.

However I also think Casey will call Bishop Martino's bluff forcing him to act. Then Casey can play the martyr when he knows he isn't.

paramedicgirl said...

I attend the FSSP church in Vancouver. We have two very holy priests, and both of them would not hesitate to refuse to give Communion to someone who was publicly opposed to Church teaching.

They give really good sermons, too. Not too long ago, one opened with these words:`` Not everyone here today will go to heaven. Some will end up in hell.

Boy, did that get everyones`s attention!