Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So Much For Homeland Security

You all heard about Muslim Yavuz Berke, right?


He's the Muslim that took the stolen Cessna aircraft on a dry run over the US/Canadian border to see how we responded.

Guess what?

We didn't shoot him down.

What we did was we sent two F-16 fighters up. And he was in American airspace 20 minutes before we intercepted him.

And then we followed him.

We followed him over Minnesota, across Wisconsin, through Illinois and finally they ended up in Missouri.

At one point the the Wisconsin State Capital Building was evacuated.

But we didn't shoot him down. We let him fly his little heart out.

This was a dry run.

Just hope you're not in the way of the real thing.


Anonymous said...

Lol, they followed him. Like the OJ Simpson van or something. Kinda lame. I mean, maybe they wanted to check it out before just blasting down...but the following without doing anything part takes it too far...

- L

The Rockin' Traddy said...

They followed him across FOUR states! They didn't follow him for three minutes, or two miles, but across FOUR states! What if he had a nuke or decided to drop chemicals on the people below? What would they have done to stop it?


Hopefully when the real one happens he won't fly into PA. Cuz you can't rely on this government to do anything to protect you.

Anonymous said...

Or Maryland ;P

Yeah four states. How fast could he possibly have been going? That does just seem utterly pointless. Surround him, bring him down, something. That would have sucked if he had dropped some chemicals...how would they have explained that? I don't care if he was flying over a cow pasture or not. There goes some of our good eatin's.

- L