Saturday, April 18, 2009

Quest Accomplished!

I have often read Malory's La Morte D'Arthur about King Arthur, his noble knights of the Round Table and their many quests.

I too have been on a quest.

My little 16 month old daughter more or less eats by herself, with some aid from her mother or me. I'll readily admit she eats like a Hun, so we decided she needed a placemat of her own, both for cleanliness, and we also wanted her to be able to learn from it.

Whenever we go to the store we find Dora, Hannah Montana and Bratz themed mats.

All of these toys are have been banned by me, they shall not come into the house, and woe to the person who should buy any of those items for my child.

So the placemat options we have are few. I decided she would have a placemat featuring the Presidents of the United States. I gleefully imagined sitting there with her, rapidly naming Presidents while she correctly pointed to them on her little mat, smiling up at me as I give her positive confirmation of her incredible smarts.

But whenever I found one of these President placemats I would pass on it because it always seemed that there was just as much Spanish on the mat as English.

But to be void of Spanish was not the only criteria.

Today, my quest was accomplished. Although only one of my criteria was met, it was enough. I am happy with her new placemat.

Can you guess what my unnamed criteria was? Unending Glory shall be granted to the one who can correctly identify it.


Greg said...

Hmmmm. Aha! It stops at 43!

CUAguy said...

no obama, and they all seem to be cartoon drawings as well

Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

I've been beat to the punch... twice!!

The Rockin' Traddy said...

And I shall hold this placemat dear for all time. Alas, it will be the last one without the socialist on it. I wonder if history will look back on these 4 yours with the same disgust that Germans look back at the Third Reich?

I certainly shall.