Sunday, April 19, 2009

Today's word boys and girls... "teabagging". Do you know what "teabagging" is boys and girls? Well Anderson Cooper certainly does, and it won't surprise me when we find out it is a favorite pastime of his.

I don't pretend to be a journalist. I just give you my thoughts based on the facts as I believe them to be.

Not so on CNN, MSNBC, and most of the other "news" outlets. They do claim journalistic integrity. They should just call themselves "commentary stations" instead of "news stations" because there isn't much offered that doesn't come along with some left-wing comment to put the "news" into the proper liberal perspective for us.

So Anderson Cooper, the "journalist" during PRIME TIME made a sick and disgustng remark about the protestors at the tea parties this past Wednesday.

Perhaps he envisioned himself in the midst of all those burly anti-tax men, that could certainly be what prompted his comment.

Here is what some of the real journalists are saying about this guy who just jumped to the top of my "creep" list.

Go read those and tell me your thoughts.

You already know mine.


Anonymous said...

Wait he's gay? Since when? And yes, I know what "tea-bagging" is but I didn't think it was a strictly homosexual thing so I'm not sure about all their gay references.

Anyway, the point is (I guess) that yeah, I think it was inappropriate for him to say that on regular TV, because it is a pretty vulgar joke. If it was the comedy channel at night, fine, I'm not a prude. ...but not on a regular TV news channel, which is supposed to inform the masses and be serious, and, like you said, have integrity etc.

- L

The Rockin' Traddy said...

"Wait he's gay? Since when?"

He was a cover boy for "The Advocate" and "Out" magazine listed him as one of the most powerful gays in the country.

That's a lot of gay points if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

"Gay points" lol? Well, whatever, I just didn't know he was. But the author of the article trying to turn the tea-bagging comment into an anti-homosexuality agenda is a reach, considering what I said above about the term. The thing that was wrong about it was that it was vulgar on a channel/time that's supposed to be taken seriously and as an informant.

Anyway, that's all. Since you asked our thoughts... ;)

- L

makemeaspark said...

I did not know what this meant and wish i did not now. It sounds like CNN has degraded to a petty and unprofessional level.

MamaMidwife said...

I didn't know he was gay. It doesn't surprise me AT ALL and even explains a few things about him. I only saw him once on Oprah (channel flipping, I think she's misinformed and ignorant too) but what he had to say was far too liberal for my liking.

So, I agree with your thoughts on this. I already knew what tea-bagging was and I can't believe they let that slide on a "news" channel. Where is the FCC when you really need them??

PS - Love your blog. I was going to vote in your poll about Mass but there wasn't a choice for what I attend: a very traditional Mass in the venacular with BOYS serving only. I have yet to attend a Latin Mass but I am intrigued. :) (recent convert here)

The Rockin' Traddy said...

makemeaspark, i had an idea of what it was, but i feel sooooo gay now that i know for certain. at least we have another reason that the gay lifestyle is incompatible with polite society.

i wonder if there is even a "polite society" today.

Anonymous said...

^ Rockin' but okay...I hope at least you can see my point from above. the author trying to twist the tea-bagging comment into why-gays-suck is an obnoxious reach. Being the intelligent and well-read/ well-written chap that you are, I'm sure you can at least see the fallacy in his writing there, right? Regardless of whether you see gays as nastyness or not. Anderson Chickencoop using the (often heterosexual!) term in a derogatory way just doesn't scream "Gay pride!!!!" to me. But, oooh, because he's allegedly gay and used a vulgar term let's make it all about how much gays suck! Come on, it's a reach.

aaaand I'll stop now.

- L

The Rockin' Traddy said...

The real point L is that Cooper is a vulgar disgusting little man who has proven it is ok to use derogatory comments to make fun of any who dare oppose Obama.

It's not that hard to get, is it?

Anonymous said...

No, it's not. I got that point. I was just commenting on the article since you asked our thoughts on it. Eh.

- L