Thursday, April 30, 2009

Little Bobby Casey Dancin' Around the Issue

From an interview today by Steve Corbett on WILK Radio.

Take note that when asked directly if he can worthily receive the Holy Eucharist, first Bobby chuckles, then proceeds as only a politician can, by not answering the question posed to him. He must know his stances put him outside the Church.

When asked if he and the Bishop have had a chance to speak in person about these issues Casey said "no". I have heard that Little Bobby has refused calls from the Bishop. If any faithful Catholics see Little Bobby at Immaculate Conception in Scranton Sunday, tell him the Bishop would love for him to call him back.

Just listen to Casey throughout how he talks about how busy he is. Too busy to talk to the Bishop about the state of his soul. Little Bobby needs some prayers methinks.

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Anonymous said...

Should Brownback also refrain from the Eucharist? He voted for Sebelius as well!

-Democratic American