Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Smoke of Satan

It would seem that the loonies are in charge of the so called European Union asylum.

Flying the "anti-discrimination" banner these liberal agitators in the Parliament have decided to remove the Religious Exemption from the EU Anti-Discrimination Directive, forcing Christian and other religious groups to perform homosexual "marriages" and allow non-believers to receive Communion and other sacraments in their churches!

Make no mistake, this is nothing more than another leftist assault against Christians and the Creator.

Why have the governments of the world turned their back on God?

Understand this, where God is absent, the Master Deceiver reigns.

This is what we are seeing now. The smoke of Satan has not only entered the sanctuary of Holy Mother Church, but he reigns supreme in governments across the globe.

Pray, fast, and do much penance before the world is overwhelmed by evil. That is the only way.

Our Blessed Mother told us so.

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