Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The American Way

What do we with our elected officials when we want something done? Or not done? We call them, fax them, email them, or go to see them personally.

The USCCB is again waffling on voting for the new translation of the Mass text. According to National Catholic Reporter, it would appear that our buddy Bishop Trautman is leading the charge to reject the changes and send the text back to Rome.

Here is hilarious snippet of something he said concerning the new translation: “The Latin text is not inspired,” Trautman told his Catholic University audience. “It is a human text, reflecting a certain mindset, theology and worldview. There are good Latin texts -- balanced, carefully crafted -- and there are bad Latin texts -- convoluted, lengthy, complicated, abstract -- that become a translator’s herculean task. Because of literal translation in the new missal, complicated Latin wording has become complicated English wording.”

Not inspired? Really? Annibale Bugnini might have something to say about what inspired him and the Protestants who wrote it!

But aside from that, do you know that I have a small St. Joseph hand missal from 1972 which has a translation identical to what Rome is currently suggesting? Why they just didn't use the translation at the time, and avoid 40 years of incorrect English translations and 7 or 8 years of squabling over this supposedly 'new' translation? Because it was not compatable with their plan.

Make no mistake that the liberals amongst us in the Church are frightened of the long-awaited translation. They are almost as frightened of the changes to the Novus Ordo translation as they are of the Old Mass. They would rather say a bastardized version of the Mass than say what was intended by the council fathers. So what does that say about them?

It says that the council fathers didn't go far enough in screwing up Catholicism for them. They have to go further. Anything that makes the Novus Ordo more orthodox is bad news for these guys.

But back to my original intent of this post. I want you to write, call, fax, or go to see your Bishop. Tell him to approve the liturgical translations which have been approved by Rome. (Why Bishops have to approve something from Rome in the first place is a mystery, more 'fruits of Vatican II' I'm afraid)

No, Bishops are not elected officials, but let them know how you feel. Let them know we have been waiting too long for this translation, and not to allow it to be derailed by liberal agendas.

Do that and make your traddy smile.


Anonymous said...

What are we, protestants now?

NEPA Catholic

Anonymous said...

And by that I mean advocating as if Bishops are only elected overseers.

NEPA Catholic

The Rockin' Traddy said...

NEPA Protestant -

Well we know you certainly are a protestant.

You must have missed this important sentence in the post:

"No, Bishops are not elected officials, but let them know how you feel."

Here is a link to some reading comprehension worksheets. You might find them helpful. http://www.rhlschool.com/reading.htm