Sunday, November 29, 2009

Celebrate 40 Years!

Even though the modernists at the chancery have tried their best to confound attempts to celebrate the Traditional Mass, there will be one tomorrow.

Monday, November 30 at 5pm at Our Lady of Grace church, 750 North Vine Street in Hazleton. Father Wilfredo Comellas will offer what His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI has coined 'the Gregorian Rite', but which Traditionalists have been calling simply, 'the Old Mass".

In case you didn't know, November 30, 1969 was a Sunday. On that Sunday, the Novus Ordo, or New Order of the Mass was introduced to parishes.

We have been suffering ever since.

Please stop out and give your support to Father Comellas and the Old Mass if you are able.


Anonymous said...

I will be there. I attended his Masses at Most Precious Blood. Too bad there is not some kind of email list to advertise these Masses. I always find out about them by accident. Being in the Diocese of Harrisburg does not help much either I only hear the rumors in my own Diocese.


+JMJ+ said...

I have spoken to Father Comellas before. Doesn't he run a retreat to teach priests how to say the Latin Mass?

You are lucky to have him. Thank you for sharing the wonderful news!

The Rockin' Traddy said...

Chad - I am more than happy to get information of this sort out. I only need to be informed!

JMJ - I do not know if Fr. C teaches others. If priests were to approach him, I'm fairly positive he would instruct them. Unfortunately, Fr. C is leaving for a year. He will be missed.