Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Milz: Kicked To The Curb!

I have never been a fan of SDACT cheerleader and big boss man Mikey Milz, and yesterday he received a well deserved smackdown. As Ralph Cramden would say "Oh, how sweet it is!"

A union leader laid off from his teaching job at a Catholic high school last summer during a battle over official recognition and collective bargaining powers was considered an "at-will employee" and cannot pursue a wrongful termination lawsuit against the Diocese of Scranton, Luzerne County Judge Peter Paul Olszewski Jr. ruled Monday.

Michael Milz, president of the Scranton Diocese Association of Catholic Teachers, sued the diocese and his former employer, Holy Redeemer High School in Wilkes-Barre, claiming they targeted him for layoff in June 2008 because of his union activity.

Diocese spokesman Bill Genello said the diocese was "pleased with this decision." Genello rejected the claim that the layoff was a form of retribution.

"As was stated at the time of the teacher layoffs, neither Mr. Milz nor anyone else was fired," Genello said. "The layoffs were determined strictly according to the criteria used in previous years."

Those criteria included a teacher's seniority and level of certifications, Genello said.



Anonymous said...

traddy , one would assume that you feel it's ok for an employer to trample on the rights of an employee. The whole point is love the man or hate him, the church was wrong, and they hide behind the laws that shield them from what other workers have rights to. I am not a teacher or a supporter of sdact one way or another, but employees need to have reasonable rights and assurances that protect them from just such an incident that occured.

D. Werthe

Anonymous said...

Traddy, Although I am not a fan of unions, we all knew where the bishop was going when he dissolved the union. These teachers are didicated, and not once in their over 30 years of existance did they ask for equal their public school counterparts. All they want is job security. Mike Milz is an example of just how "great" job security is without the union. Would you like to be out of a job on someone's whim?? Esp. with a family to support?? Also, remember this; the teachers were PROMISED the union would be back in place once everything else came together under the new system; them these same dedicated people read in the Catholic Light that the union had been disbanded by the almighty. Just another lie.

Anonymous said...

Na na NAH na
Na na NAH na

Gooood Bye!

And Good Riddance. Milz' increasingly shrill and increasingly protestant attack on the church is contributing to dragging down the system.

(I know this isn't very Christian of me, but he has done damage to the faith of people in our diocese)

Anonymous said...


I could not disagree more. Mike Miltz hasn't damaged anything.

Mike Miltz is the result of an ALREADY DAMAGED Faith. That is to say- if people had real Faith, a Faith which recognizes obedience as a virtue, a Faith which recognizes God does not revolve around man, a Faith which is centered on the Cross of Christ, none of this would have taken root.

The Faith of much of the Church today is a Faith which has God worshipping at the altar of man, rather then man worshipping at the altar of Christ. It is a Faith which recognizes "The Spirit of Vatican II" as the Norm, and a Faith which knows nothing of the real Second Vatican Council. It is the Faith of priests which asks "What is it with you young guys and your incessant need to have tabernacles in the middle? How archaic"

Indeed- can can we really blame Mike Miltz?

Father Dave Bechtel

Anonymous said...

Christian--I'm surprised Traddy posted your comment. It CERTAINLY does not match your name. Someday it may be you out of a job. How would you feel if others sang a silly tune then???? For God sake people, grow up!!