Sunday, November 15, 2009


The USCCB is having it's big meeting this week, where they will discuss the new translation of the NO Mass.

In ages past EWTN provided coverage of the USCCB's meetings.

It seems that the USCCB has not been pleased with the coverage.

So now, some silly little station in Upstate NY, that no cable outlets carry, will be covering the Bishop's meeting.

Is the USCCB planning some revolt against the Holy Father and they do not want it broadcast around the country? With commentators such as Sister Mary Alice Piil and Monsignor Jim Vlaun it seems the USCCB wants their own spin attached to the Bishops' antics in Rockville Center, NY, location of this years meeting.

We all know that the USCCB has desired to control the editorial content of EWTN.

And since they cannot, they have chosen a messenger they can control.

Much like Barry Hussein Obama.


Al said...

OK, we know the question is rhetorical, but in a word "YES!!!!"

Just got done rereading Raymon Arroyo's biography of Mother Angelica. It talks about the initial battles to cover the (back then) NCCB meetings between EWTN & the previous incarnation of the USCCB. So I am not surprized that they found a way to jump from EWTN. & keep most people from seeing what really goes on as well.

The problem is, it won't stop EWTN from getting the facts out either. & in the end, I suspect it will blow up in the USCCB's face.

Anonymous said...


I just found a live stream of the USCCB meeting. The URL is

This is from Cleansing Fire blogspot

Check it out. I think the stream is pretty good. I think that the bishops started this today (Monday afternoon).

St. Mary's of Dorrance Parishioner