Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A New Design!

And I need help to achieve it! This blog is hosted by blogger, and I use one of their templates. I would like to change it, add to the functionality and make better use of space, but the templates Blogger offers are very limited. Is there anyone who can help a traddy out and design something new for me? Email me at therockintraddy@gmail.com

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Joe (defend-us-in-battle.blogspot.com) said...

If you find someone let me know :)

I am running into the same problem. I run a family blog - on Wordpress... on a hosted site, and I feel like I am getting ripped off. Its unlimited bandwith, and hosting, but there are various limitations, that had Blogger allowed private (signing in) I would just have gone with it.

Wordpress is good... but its almost too much of some stuff, not enough of another, and if you dont go with the host your own, the wordpress .com is pretty limited.

Anyways, if you find someone, point them in my direction :)