Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Spiritual Conversion

It is election day, people. Do not forget when making your decisions at the polls today to exercise your "choice" and vote for Pro-Life candidates.

The former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in southeast Texas says she had a "change of heart" after watching an abortion last month — and she quit her job and joined a pro-life group in praying outside the facility.

Abby Johnson, 29, used to escort women from their cars to the clinic in the eight years she volunteered and worked for Planned Parenthood in Bryan, Texas. But she says she knew it was time to leave after she watched a fetus "crumple" as it was vacuumed out of a patient's uterus in September.

'When I was working at Planned Parenthood I was extremely pro-choice," Johnson told FoxNews.com. But after seeing the internal workings of the procedure for the first time on an ultrasound monitor, "I would say there was a definite conversion in my heart ... a spiritual conversion."


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Anonymous said...

This is very upsetting to me. If only more people would realize that life begins at conception; that it is NOT the choice of the "mother", but the choice of God on whether a baby is to be born. A woman loses this right when she becomes pregnant. The unborn child is a someone to be protected and cared for.