Friday, February 19, 2010

Examination Of Conscence Part Deux!

Yesterday we began our Lenten examination of conscience by learning which sins are contrary to the First Commandment. Today we continue with sins against faith, hope, and charity.

Sins against Faith:
Willful doubt of any article of faith; deliberate ignorance of the truths of
faith which ought to be known; neglect of instructing oneself in the faith
according to one’s state in life; rash credulity (e.g. giving credence to
private revelation too easily or believing in a private revelations which
has been condemned by the lawful Church authorities); apostasy; heresy;
indifferentism (to believe that one religion is as good as another, and that
all religions are equally true and pleasing to God, or that one is free to
accept or reject any or all religions); reading or circulating books or
writings against the Catholic belief or practice in such wise as to
jeopardize one’s faith; to remain silent when asked about one’s faith;
engaging is schismatic or heretical worship; joining or supporting
masonic groups or other forbidden societies.

Sins against Hope:
despair of God’s mercy (to give up all hope of salvation, and the means
necessary to be saved) or want of confidence in the power of His Grace
to support us in trouble or temptation; no desire to possess eternal
happiness in heaven or after this earthly life; presumption (to hope for
salvation without help from God or to assume God’s forgiveness without
conversion, or to hope to obtain heavenly glory without merit);
presuming on God’s mercy or on the supposed efficacy of certain pious
practices, in order to continue in sin; refusing any dependence on God.

Sins against Charity:
not making an act of charity at regular intervals during life especially
during times of necessity; egoism (one cares only about himself, praises
himself, selfish, enjoys receiving praise) wilfully rebellious thoughts
against God; boasting of sin; violating God’s law, or omitting good works
through human respect.

Most likely on Monday we will pick up with the Second Commandment. Stay Tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Okay. I got the second two covered but not the first. As far as, you know, I do think other religions are acceptable to God as well even if i prefer Catholicism. At the end of the day everyone is trying at least to do what they believe is right. So I guess that's wrong according to your thingamajig. And I do give credence to personal revelation from my own praying with God...but not "easily." So far it's never contradicted what it shouldn't (if that makes sense.)

*scratches chin again*

- L