Friday, February 5, 2010

Odd Silence

That's what we get from the USCCB on the latest scandal that is swirling around. Maybe they think this is just going to go away.

So here's today's update on my favorite (NOT!) Bishop's conference. For those of you just joining us, for a decade now (probably longer) the United States Conference of 'Catholic' Bishops has been giving MILLIONS of your contributions to social justice groups which fight against Church teaching.

Since someone OTHER than myself is finally pointing out that the USCCB has no ACTUAL authority why are we still screwing around with them? These guys have set themselves up in their own little faux Vatican down there in DC, where they elect each other to faux positions with important sounding titles and hire liberal laymen whackjobs to make ridiculous liberal whackjob policies.

Oh. And let's not forget they give your hard earned money to groups that LOVE to abort babies.

I've had enough of them.

Maybe it's time you did too.


Anonymous said...

Sir Rockin One:

If I might offer what I think is a fair rule of thumb when it comes to deciding what contributions if any people will make to the Church: (And I do understand how frustrating second collection after second collection can be for our people)

1) A person's parish should always get first priority when to comes to offerings. In other words if there is more then one collection, and the person can only give to one of them, their parish needs must first. The parishes of the Diocese are trustworthy in handling the people's money. I should know---I do have first hand experience.

2) The Diocese should get the next priority. Like it or not, we do have an obligation to support the work of the Church at large. Consequently if people give nothing else they should at least support the Annual Appeal. The Diocese is also trustworthy. The money raised in the appeal all stays in the Diocese supporting the works of the Diocese: schools, priestly formation, soup kitchens, the fatima center, the TV station, the Catholic Fright, (I mean "Light") etc.

3) All the other offerings recieve priority 3. If a person feels they do not have sufficient information about the organization, or where the money goes, then don't give to that collection.

What say you?

Father Dave Bechtel

The Rockin' Traddy said...

I concur! The parish should always have the first priority, good point!

Anonymous said...

Open question for Traddy and Father B: when a parish is consolidated, and it has, say a quarter million dollars in the black - is it your considered opinion that those funds may be used for perpetual care of the cemeteries of that parish, or what other good use are they to put to, given that money given for a particular purpose (eg, support of a parish) is to be used only for that purpose under canon law? I hear a lot of scuttle-talk about "in the black" parishes consolidated with those in the red, and the argument is that since the parishes are consolidated, now the bank accounts are too. A flush parish is sacrificed, if you will, for a favored-in-someone's eyes parish in less advantageous financial position.
No counter arguments will be made on my end, I just desire the thoughts of two humble men of faith to consider and ponder in my heart.
Bless you both.
Thinking of St. George,

Anonymous said...

PV: Great question. Go ahead a make a counter point if you want. I am not afraid of a good disputation! I will answer to the best of my knowledge.

1) There are two types of parishes under Canon Law: Territorial, and Ethnic.

2) When a Territorial Parish is consolidated, all assests or liabilities are transferred to the next parish over. (The one the bishop assigns the people.)

3) When an Ethnic Parish is consolidated, all debts, or assests are transferred to the Diocese. At that point, the Diocese is free to do with those what they wish.

4) In this Diocese, the bishop has determined that in the case of an ethnic parish closing, the Diocese will take around 40% of the assests in order to pay the debts of the parishes. (Notice they are not taking them to pay "lawsuits" but the debts of the other parishes created largely becasue of the schools.) The newly formed parish will keep around 60% of the assests.

5) I do not know what happens with the cemeteries. It is possible the care of the cemetary could transfer to the responsibility of the newly formed parish. It is also possible that the Diocese would assume care for the cemetary. You would have to ask your pastor. Whatever the case may be I am sure the Diocese will explain all this if they have not already. If you are from another Dicoese, you have to go with what they have decided. I can only explain what this Diocese has decided.

God Bless!

Father Dave Bechtel

Anonymous said...

Father Dave,
Thank you for the refreshingly candid explanation - it makes sense and cents - all too rare qualities at times (laughs good naturedly) when dealing with the Call To Holiness. I would rather get explanations "as they are" and accept them "as they are" than to read subplots and intrigue into so many ordinary things that must be overall design for our Diocese.
Bless you and your efforts, good Father.
Pruned Vine