Monday, February 8, 2010

I Missed It

I really did. I don't know if I didn't expect it to be on so early in the game, or just that I didn't know who she was, but I paid no attention to the Pam and Tim Tebow ad. Here's the one which actually aired during the game last night.

What was the fuss about?They didn't even mention the "a" word. I actually like the ad, and thought the unexpected bit of slapstick was great. Good job with the ad says the Traddy!

UPDATE: Apparently there is a buzz in the blogosphere that this ad was a waste of time and money. I don't know what the pro-life movement expected to see air during the Super Bowl. The ad was touching, funny, and directed the viewer where to get more information if they wanted it. The ad wasn't targeted at those already committed to the pro-life movement, as that WOULD be a waste of resources. It communicated a mother's joy at the life of her son, and the courageous choice she made to continue her pregnancy despite her doctors advice. The ad was inoffensive and frankly, spot-on target!

The pro-choicers, in screeching their defiance over the ad, have revealed that they are not pro-choice as much as they are, as I have said repeatedly, just pro-abortion. To them, pro-choice really means killing your baby. They want nothing to do with the women who choose to keep their baby. For them, there is no choice other than death.

Also, in a world of Tiger Woods and all these other punks in sports whose only concern is a paycheck, it is outstanding to see Tim Tebow take a stand on the right side of an issue.

So, to all the pro-lifers who got to see apro-life ad during the Superbowl but don't think it went far enough, give it time. We can win more converts to our side if we do it carefully, with tact and reason. Good job, Focus on the Family!


Anonymous said...

I missed it too. I didn't watch the whole game though, only a fraction.

But that was pretty safe. I guess it's implied that if she had aborted him because it was a tetchy birth, he wouldn't be the strong hot dude he is now? I'm not sure I would have guessed what the commercial was about if I hadn't known!

- L

Anonymous said...

Can you tell I'm at home today? lol. But yeah good point. I guess it was intriguing and kinda mysterious enough that it might incense someone to follow the link to figure out what it was all about, since it wasn't 100% clear. Just And like you said, the mom being proud at how her son turned out despite the hardships.

And yeah the 'pro-choice' title is silly I think. Makes it all about freedom and rights. But like I said before, okay everything is a choice. Should we be allowed to push our three year old in front of a car...because hey, it's a choice! And God forbid we ever hinder a choice! Where do you draw that line? Majority of pro-lifers feel abortion IS murder so it's basically arguing the same thing. If ALL we want is CHOICE, then we should take ALL laws away. But laws are kept in place to prevent chaos and protect the innocent, which is the point of pro-life. (the latter, not the chaos). Yes it should be my choice to get a breast implant if I want (not that I do) because it's my body blah blah, but it's not just ME I'm dealing with if I decide to snuff out a little fetus. It's me snuffing out another human being's chance to live, grow, develop, etc. Stakes are uh...a bit different...

Again I'm not going to throw flames at people who have gotten an abortion, because that's not how I roll. But the whole "choice" argument is obnoxious to me, and full of holes.

- L

Anonymous said...

Sir Rockin One:

Of course Pro-Choice really means "Pro-Abortion." Do you really think for one minute when people tell me they are "Pro-Choice" but not necessarily "Pro-Abortion" I say "Oh, well, shucks folks! Why didn't you say so? That makes it different!"

They would tell me this when I used to post in the Times, and scold me for being a Republican. Of course my reply back would be "You are only proving to me why the Church has to keep hitting, and hitting, and hitting the issue. This issue is not the Republican Party, nor choice. The issue is abortion."

Of course they knew this all along. And when I would point that out, you would see the Ad Hominum's come out. "Oh, you have too much time on your hands Father. Shouldn't you be visiting the nursing homes?"

Father Dave Bechtel

Anonymous said...

Traddy, did not watch the Super Bowl since I had to work. but I really feel that most minds are made up. If you are "pro-choice", nothing will change that. If you are "pro life", nothing will change that. However, there is always hope that we can win even one mother over to our side.

The Rockin' Traddy said...

That's the thing Elaine, getting to scared mother who is being coerced by a boyfriend, family, or Planned Parenthood to "do the right thing". That's who we need to effect.

Anonymous said...

Right on Traddy. People need to be educated that life begins at conception, and that "it's NOT just a clump of cells". This is a human being; God has a plan for him/her, and that plan does not include going into some trash bag.
Keep spreading the word.