Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What A Pig!

Not that I, your humble Traddy is big on disparaging pigs, as they taste good, but only expletives came to mind while watching Sarah Silverman's latest attempt at comedy, so I went with pig. Don't watch this with children present, and here is your

WARNING:Crude images and language. But then that's what passes for entertainment today. Unfortunately, you'll also have to look at Bill Maher for a few sconds......


Anonymous said...

It's not even that offensive to me because it's stupid and doesn't even make sense. Sell the Vatican to who? What? Trying too hard to be funny but it fails because it makes no sense and just seems to mock the starving kids.


Anonymous said...

Sir Rockin One, L:

Sadly there are actually people who think like this. Believe it or not! People think that becasue a Church is beautiful it is therefore rich. I admit I have fallen into this fallacious thinking myself. People reason something along the lines of "If they can afford this beautiful Church, they must have money."

People forget that a large portion of the Scranton Diocese church's were built in the old days and we are just maintaining them. Look at the "new" churches being built in the Diocese. They are but a shadow of the beauty. The ones built in the 1970's--- well, need I even say anything?

But if I were on the show and she said that, my reply would be "Sara, tell you what: When the president sells the white house, the capital building, and the Supreme Court and gives the proceeds to the poor, then perhaps the pope can consider selling the Vatican to feed the poor."

Even so, as L pointed out-- there is not a large market for churches. Just look around the Diocese. Churches valued at millions, you might get 100K for--if you are lucky enough to find a buyer. Who would we sell the Vatican to? Bill Gates? Bill gates couldn't afford it. It is worth far more then the 50 billion in assests he has. For what would we sell the Vatican for? Finally- how would it help the poor to sell the Vatican? Selling the Vatican enables the poor to eat for a day. Then what?

No, there is something far more sinister at work here in Sara and people like her: Sin. You see, the Catholic Church, in particular the Vatican stand as a stark reminder that the Church is here to stay, the Church is not going anywhere, and the Church is going to continue preaching God's Truth. Sara does not want to sell the Vatican to feed the poor, she wants the Vatican sold to make the Church irrelavent. If the Vatican is sold, she believes she can continue living in her dream world where there is no God, and no one is held accountable for their actions.

Father Dave Bechtel

The Rockin' Traddy said...

Oh! Father Dave hits another one outta the park! Ouchie!

Anonymous said...

Lol yeah. I think she's just trying to be offensive for shock value and to be funny. And knows selling the Vatican as if its expendable had potential to offend.

- L

Anonymous said...

I wonder why she does not follow her own idiotic advice!

Catholic Reader

Anonymous said...

Catholic Reader:

She doesn't follow her own idioic advice becasue as I said, it isn't about the poor for her. Sara isn't stupid. She knows full well selling the Vatican would do nothing to help the poor. She also knows that if she were really so concerned about the poor, she could take her own wealth and help them herself.

She is far wealthier then the Catholic Church is. She hides behind the poor demanding the Vatican do something she is unwilling to do becasue she would rather deny Sin, then own up to it and admit she needs a savior.

It is easier to try to shout down and silence the Truth then it is to face it. It is easier to talk about "selling the Vatican to feed the poor" then it is to embrace the message of Truth the Vatican preaches.

Father Dave Bechtel