Monday, February 22, 2010

Examination Of Conscience Part Three

And here we continue with our Lenten Examination of Conscience. It seems as if God knew beforehand what a problem this would become. Go figure. And don't let sister catch ya...

Today we move onto the

Second Commandment:
Thou Shalt Not Take The Name Of The Lord They God In Vain

Sins contrary to the Second Commandment:

Dishonoring of God by profane or disrespectful use of the Name of God,
or of the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, the name of the Blessed Virgin
Mary and all the saints; blasphemy (speech or gestures that have
contempt for or insult to God, Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church, the
Blessed Virgin Mary or the saints); perjury (to promise something under
oath with no intention of keeping it, or breaking a promise made under
oath); taking false or unnecessary oaths (to call on God to be witness to
a lie); breaking vows or promises to God; talking during Mass and in a
Church without sufficient reason or to the distraction of others.


Anonymous said...

Lol, talking during Mass! Guess that would have given me more to confess as a kid had I known that was a sin. Sometimes you just can't hold in your laughter, though.

Where are you getting these lists? It's interesting to see the exhaustive list.

- L

Justin Vacula said...

"talking during Mass and in a
Church without sufficient reason or to the distraction of others."

Do you think that the all-loving creator of the universe would be so petty as to condemn people who talk in church?

- Justin Vacula

The Rockin' Traddy said...

Hi Justin!

Whoa. I can actually see the sarcasm dripping from your comment. :-)If I thought you were here out of a sincere desire to learn the truths of the Catholic faith I would reply to your comment, but knowing your history I will instead ask my readers to pray for the redemption of your soul.

God bless you, even though you don't believe he exists.