Friday, February 19, 2010

The Ugly Truth

Everyone has seen this I gather? The story where the Diocese of Scranton announced a nearly 15.5 million dollar deficit?

Has anyone else noticed that the school system is always blamed for not bringing in enough money? Cardinal Rigali wrote that nearly 4 million in investments were sold off "in order to meet operating losses related to the diocesan schools."

Every time we turn around it seems some person from the chancery is telling us how dire the situation with the schools is.

I predict the Diocese schools will be shuttered for good in 5 years.

They could have saved themselves and the faithful a whole lot of anguish if they had fessed up, said the schools weren't paying for themselves and announced they were getting out of the education business.

Then they could focus on the salvation of souls.

This Diocese is in such dire straits it might be better idea to simply start from scratch. What do YOU think?

I do know this for certain, the Diocese is suffering and it will require all of our prayers and fasting to help bring things right. Try to do your part this Lenten season and pray for your Diocese. It's the only one you have.

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