Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Am Stealing This

Because sometimes, information is given out on a blog that is so instrumental to the well-being of the Catholic family, that I have to share it.

Thanks to Joe at Defend Us In Battle because I had no idea this existed!

This is just a quick plug for a Catholic Dad's Online community:

It is a great online community (where I have started to contribute... and look forward to doing more of it). It is a place where Dads, and even child-less men can learn a thing or two about family, faith, and themselves.

Check it out and consider joining if you run a blog!

Mom's - don't fret there are sites for you also:


Joe ( said...

Not STEALING :) you are just spreading the word...
share and share alike :)

Anonymous said...

Ca-tho-lic...d-ads? Exist? No just kidding, of course they do. But my dad wasn't really Catholic so much. He was baptized as a baby because he was possibly going to grandmother snuck a baptism in there just in case. She was Catholic (at the time), her husband was not (he thought of religion as just a crutch for weak people) but he was out serving in the army at the time, so she just did it.

Obviously my dad didn't die. But, anyway. Everything catholic-related growing up for me was driven by my mom. He only went to Christmas/Easter masses and has this agnostic vibe going on. That kinda thing.


- L