Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This Land Is Our Land

This post has nothing to do with the church, but from time to time I do post items of local significance.

Luzerne County dwellers: Do you know Mary Ann Petrilla is off all week?

I just found out because we just put in a call to her office to let her know that she cannot lease Moon Lake Park for natural gas drilling. Maryanne has been plotting to drill at Moon Lake since before they closed the park to the public over budget concerns.

The Traddy has some friends in the Sierra Club and we have partnered up to save the park and we have discovered that the deed granting the land that became Moon Lake Park states that the land is to be used only for "recreation, conservation, and historical purposes". It is also protected by the Project 70 Land Acquisition and Borrowing Act. So, unless Petrilla has DCNR, the entire General Assembly of PA, and Fast Eddie Rendell ready to sign off, she'll be a bit surprised when she returns.

We intend to mount a vigorous defense of Moon Lake Park, and to remind the County Commissioners what "stewardship" means.

Looks like not all cash cows can be milked dry, eh Maryanne?

If you want to help us conserve Moon Lake Park for our families and future generations, send me an email for more info. We will need Luzerne County residents to attach their names to the lawsuit should one need to be brought.

More as it happens!

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