Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How Does Taking A Shorter Shower Help Me Get To Heaven?

Here is today's Vortex. Dioceses across the country are doing some pretty stupid things, right Monsignor Bambera? But here we see what heights can be reached when the modernists try really hard.


Anonymous said...

Hmm. Kind of on the fence here. I was going to say, being environmentally-minded is probably a good thing, but it doesn't tie into religion really. Then again, every last nano-everything goes back and is enveloped by God somehow (I believe) including the environment definitely, so...ya know, basically you can't exclude anything from Him.

I didn't watch the whole thing though. I'm confused by global warming. Considering the 80 tons of snow our region got in these past 6 weeks. I want it to get hot already, damnit. So while I roll my eyes a bit at that, and don't consider myself a "green" person... a tiny voice inside me feels that we probably really are destroying our environment with all our excess and BS, yet aren't thinking about it at all. I read an article that having one dog is actually worse than having an SUV as far as envorinmental footprint. And all the beef/meat we eat rips apart the land etc...not even about the cow's feelings but the fact one day we are just going to run out of resources and the earth will just burst. I do feel that somewhere. You know we're so concerned with this and that...the economy, who's getting voted off of American Idol, the war in Iraq, losing weight and looking good, Democrats vs. Republicans, Brangelina, getting ahead of everyone, getting education and making all this money, technology exploding to ridiculous levels...all this stuff... and then one day, the Earth will just crap out on us and we'll all be like "wtf??" as we slowly die and/or go back to living like cavemen.

Who knows.

- L

The Rockin' Traddy said...

Yeah but Lent isn't about the earth, we went over this already. For these guys to hijack Lent with this wacky nonsense is sinful. Hopefully someone reports the Diocese to the Vatican.

Maybe I will.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead. Anyone using something just purely for an agenda is obnoxious. Really though I just watched 5 seconds, heard sumthin about environment, sacrifice, religions and went on a soapbox. ;)

- L