Friday, December 11, 2009

Blessed News!

I have today been informed that our Diocese has received unending graces from Our Lord Jesus Christ!

After a seven month absence, the Traditional Mass of the Ages is returning to Wilkes-Barre!

The Lord has softened the hearts of his clergy and filled them with His love and grace.

I will have Mass details soon.

Be sure to offer prayers of thanksgiving for this special gift from Our Lord.


Anonymous said...

Traddy I am happy to hear that since it is a pain to travel the 15 miles or so to St. Michaels. Also parking is a problem there as well. It should be interesting to hear how this is being restored and will a FSSP priest be celebrating?? Hopefully, other parts of ths vast Scranton diocese such as Williamsport and Stroudsburg will be able to enjoy this convenience closer to there homes. also have you been to Pittstons this week??? the wrecking crew has demolishing the lbuildings of the closed ST. John the BaptistParish. School, Church etc. Very sad indeed. Looks to me that they are paving for a parking lot.

Regaeds ,

Anonymous said...

I am truly grateful and will continue to say thank you to our Lord. Hope this is a regular event (weekly ... dare I hope).
Pruned Vine

Christian said...

Is it 'soon' yet?

The Rockin' Traddy said...


Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Christian! I feel like a little girl again, waiting to find out more about the BEST "Christmas" present ever! I keep checking and saying to myself ... is it soon yet? Is it soon yet?
Thank you for hope, one and all.
Pruned Vine