Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Day

Traddy's not in a real good mood.

This morning, while pulling into my parking spot at the office my car stopped moving with a terrible grinding sound.

Getting out, I moved around to the left rear, half expecting to see my transmission laying on the ground.

I got to the right front and found my ball joint had snapped clean off, leaving my tire sticking out at an odd angle.

I had to be towed which took two hours, get picked up by the wife and take her back home and get back to the office.

So I lost about four hours of my day in all, and realized that if I had been on 81 when the joint snapped, there may not be anymore posts from the Traddy, and you'd all be wondering what the hell happened to me.

So now, in the glow of the Christmas tree I write this post, as I await tomorrow and the dreaded call from the mechanic.

I am relaxing with my Boswell rusticated 3/4 bent pipe, filled with a luxurious blend from Cornell and Diehl "Autumn Evening", which fills the homestead with the aroma of maple syrup and caramel.

And even though the 300 dollars or so for this repair will take a bite out of our Christmas money, my car can be fixed, my babe sleeps soundly upstairs, and I will be around to agitate at least another day.

God Bless!


Anonymous said...

That sucks. Glad you're safe and you weren't on good ol' I-81 when it happened. But yeah, when a car thing happens it's like "ugh" just because that adds extra time and burden and expense that you hadn't planned on, which sucks.

Last year a deer jumped into the hood of my car and thank God, hit with enough force that it bounced right off the hood (like my hood was a springboard) and soared over the top of my car instead of smashing right into the windshield which I was bracing myself for in those few seconds. I kept driving, the car was running fine; unscathed pretty much, grateful it didn't smash into my face. Then I pulled over just to check and saw my hood and bumper all bent out of shape and was like "oooohhhhh" *tear* just b/c it was messed up enough that I had to do stuff to fix it. Poor car. This girl and some dudes behind me stopped to check (which was nice. Three separate cars actually stopped to check on me.) and the girl was like "Omg are you okay?? That was the worst thing I've ever seen!" I guess because the deer hit my car so hard, it just sailed through the air in front of their eyes dramatically enough that was almost more shaken up about it all than I was.

Ah, so anyway. Thankfully you are safe. Sorry for the inconvenience n' shit you have to go through now...


Anonymous said...

Traddy--This reminds me of my experience in the winter of 2008. My husband was literally at deaths' door waiting for a heart transplant, which he finally received. Prayers and prayers alone got my family through those dark days. Now, when the washer breaks, the animals need to go to the vet, there isn't enough money for college tuition, one of the cars break down, etc., I always look up and say, " Well Joe is still with us".