Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How Much More?

Why doesn't she wear a burqa in her next PETA ad?

From The Catholic League:

It would be hard to find an organization in the U.S. which treats animals more unethically than People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). In 2008, as demonstrated by the Center for Consumer Freedom, PETA killed 95 percent of the adoptable pets in its care. Indeed, it killed an average of 6 pets a day last year at its Norfolk, Virginia headquarters, placing only seven in adoptive homes. Between 1998 and 2008, it killed a total of 21,339 cats and dogs. To top it off, despite a budget of $32 million, PETA does not operate an adoption shelter.

Now the animal killers have launched a Christmas campaign that exploits Christian symbols. It features Playboy queen Joanna Krupa: before Thanksgiving it showed a side angle of her naked from the waist up holding a dog and a rosary; she is adorned with angel wings and a halo. The inscription below reads, “Be an Angel for Animals: ALWAYS ADOPT. NEVER BUY.”

Today PETA bares Krupa on a Los Angeles billboard. According to, she appears “as a winged angel, covered by a carefully-placed crucifix.” Once again, the target is pet stores.

The fact is that cats and dogs are a lot safer in pet stores than they are in the hands of PETA employees. Moreover, pet stores don’t rip off Christian iconography and engage in cheap irreligious scams.

PETA is a fraud. It also has a long and disgraceful record of exploiting Christian and Jewish themes to hawk its ugly services. Those who support this organization sorely need a reality check. They also need a course in Ethics 101.


Anonymous said...

Traddy, Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for this article. Call me dumb, but being an animal lover, I am gullible, and I have supported this org. in the past, mainly because of their attempts to stop the fur trade. However, I never knew of the things you have mentioned here. I'll just keep taking in every stray that comes along, and continue to give lots of love to my "babies".

Anonymous said...

PETA are the radical "goo aminuleezz" group out there that I try to avoid. They're known for their radical ways, blood throwing and whatnot.

I think the euthanasia thing is, once the animals are rescued from labs or whatnot, they might be beyond rescue or there's nothing to do with them, or too many, etc? Thus the euthanasia. I don't know. But the article makes a good point, why not host a shelter themselves?

I've also heard rumors...some videos they have of bad animal treatment (like this awful one I watched of these wild dog thingies getting skinned)-- allegedly they might encourage or perpetuate the bad treatment for a more 'shocking' video for attention.

And yes. The last comment about playing on the Jewish faith too. I had forgotten, but they did this stupid campaign likening the meat industry to the Holocaust. Of course, offensive. I mean yes, the mass maltreatment and cutting off chicken beaks and having their legs grow into cages, etc...that's bad. That's not cool. But comparing it to human beings being slaughtered by other human beings is ...well, suffice to say, NOT a good analogy. Just lame.

And yeah, the no fur thing is weird too. A bunch of almost nekkid woman...I get the point, but it's kinda stupid too. And the rosary/crucifix, please, they can do with out. Give her some angel wings and a harp or some crap, but don't do that to a rosary, come on now!

- L

Anonymous said...

Roaming Catholic writes:
What!! Now you're peddling soft-soft core pornography on this blog? You nearly made me choke on the chicken dinner I just bought from KFC!! ... I dunno??